Make yourself beautiful



A lot of you might asked on what are the things that can make people beautiful, yeah for both girls and men, and my answered are makeups. Because makeups had this power to enhance your hidden beauty and show off the real you. Yeah, believe it or not, all of us had its own beauty, we’ll just have to show it by having yourself some makeups on.

Actually, there were a lot of brands of makeups that we could consider, however, it doesn’t matter the brands as long the makeup suits on your well and you’ll know on how to proper to use it. And everything will be fine then.. alright, this was my first post to my health and beauty category and I hope I can give you such other information post than this one..hahaha

Balmain Acid Washed Jeans For Girls


Though this trends was already last year, but I guess, this still awesome  to blog over here and beside this acid balmain jeans for girls are still trending in the world of fashion today. Actually, I just often seen this jeans into those Korean folks and I admit, this jeans suits on them well that’s why maybe this jeans is the most considered peice today? I dunno, but girls loves to have this jeans out than having their self some plain skinny one.

By the way, these jeans are from the balmain, as I titled this post, and there from the brand fall – winter collection 2011 if i dont mistaken about it. okay, that’s it and will update you more regarding on what’s new in the fashion industry these days,

Pearl Jewelry for Wedding


I simply loved tackling some wedding topics on this blog. That’s why as much as possible, I wanted my readers to be tune in most of the time. LOL today, what Ive got was this pearl jewelry in the wedding. I know most of you will prefer on gold one as you have your own wedding on. However, on today’s fashion. Pearl has the lead one when it comes to wedding accessories, because pearl has this elegant appeals that can make you stunning on your wedding day. Believed me, this had been written already in numerous wedding magazines. 🙂

And me, personally, I want this pearl than to the other jewelries out there because it has this magical thing that can really make you dope as you wears it. Try to wear one and I am pretty sure that you may get what I’m trying to say here. okay, that’s it for now and i hope you can check my wedding category often.. Thanks!

Essentials Men’s Kicks Spring Summer 2012


As the summer season comes. As much as possible, I’ll set aside all of my high-cut kicks and boots. Because these are the days we’re getting some hot weather. So – what are the trends kicks for this season,summer, as you’re followed up question to me, I know.. LOL, simply as flat and loafer one. Like, what you are seeing on the top photo. Yeah! flat are trends this summer and even to girls too. Just check on your fave store and I’m pretty sure that they do have this flat kicks already. However, for guys, I preferred this Essentials kicks, because this brand has this well designed of kicks that really suits for this season, summer..

BTW, I dont know what is the product name of this blue shoes, just check it on to the main brand website..hahha okay, at least flat or loafers shoes for this summer season, okay? and everything will be alright..hahah thanks!

Diamond Earrings


As we said diamond, I know most of you will preferred with diamond rings, right? because diamond are always formed as rings due of the demand of it through these people who were planning to get engaged with and even married. However, due of the fashion  thing, the diamond stones are can be part also in some fashion pieces, like in dresses, shoes and such other. Because diamond is valuable and having it to these pieces in fashion are, in away, can get the pieces valued too.. Got what I meant? I hope you do.

Today, Ive seen a lot of diamond earrings in the market. And they’re all look so stunning and pricey that most people wont consider to their budget, however, they’re still some high quality diamond earrings but yet its reasonable that you may use on your wedding day, simple day, and even to rocking any event nights. It is a matter of how to find these cheap one. And I suggest you to take a look over online. Because in online, a lot of seller are selling these diamond things in very reasonable and cheap that most other will consider. 🙂

Korean Fashion : Acid Washed Jeans


Korean Fashion is the one that I’ll be looking forward too, when it comes or in regards on my fashion statements. Because they really have these tremendous mix and matches ability that can make them dope as they wear their each statements. LOL I dunno, why do I found these Korean folks that why on their fashion. Though of course, Parisian people are the one in lead on their fashion thing. Because all of the people there are has this knowledge rather i must say, individuality on how they rock their self out.. 🙂

Today, Ive seen a lot of Korean are wearing this acid washed jeans, for both men and women, that I found cool to have too. Because it is perfect to the season today, summer, and at the same it can make you slimmer, I think, like as you wear this black one jeans. Awesome,right? so- why not to try this out? me, yeah! I was font on this and soon, will share one photo that me wearing this pants on..LOL

Alright, that’s it for now and I hope you’ll keep on visiting me here. Thanks

Other Wedding Accessories


While I was roaming on the web awhile ago, Ive seen this photo that has this umbrella on as an wedding accessory? what? do in wedding ceremony are has this umbrella? as the bride walking in the aisle? sorry, I’d never seen any before. Might on the garden wedding? I think, the bride should have her umbrella on if that’s the case. Anyhow, umbrella is a cute in the wedding, on my opinion, because this isn’t that usual thing on today’s wedding. Because most of the wedding ceremonies are held in the covered places and it might look so overrated as the bride wear its umbrella. haha

Yeah, umbrella is an also part in wedding accessories, just want you to know though, consider it as you wanted, however, please, just do use it only as you have an garden wedding thing.. heheh because it might be unappropriated if you do use this in church.. 🙂

Alright, that’s it for now.. thanks! and will blog some other wedding related topics on this blog.. check them quite sometimes as you got time then..

Partner’s Ring


When it comes to accessories today. Not only necklaces bling bling, bracelets, headband and so on are the one can be on this category, but also these some pieces or jewelries that are might be use in your signified other. Yeah! things like ring are can be a symbol of love, however, there’s an proper or right ring(s) that you may use on based on your relation status and such matters.

What are the rings of love?

Partner rings – These are the rings that can be use of 2 lovely couple that are in the puppy love thing.

Couple rings – These rings are can be wear by those two opposite if they are in the relationship which matured enough for puppy love. Most likely these are the couple within the age of 20’s

Wedding rings – So these kind of rings are  the most special above all mentioned rings. Because this ring is the eternal ring that can bond your each other forever..

So – right, that’s it for now and will blog some other kind of rings soon that you may see on my wedding category.. Thnaks!

Boy London Cap


Guys, Have you heard about Boy London? The brand most celebrities often wearing today. Check their main site to see their selections of pieces that you might want to have too.. heheh This cap is too dope and has its swag as you wears it. That’s why, I was insistently to have this cap in me, however, I might instead buy the replica of this cap..ahha Because the ordinal one had this price of £30 that I can afford to have.. haha

Alright, that’s it for now and will update you more soon. Wait, as I know, taeyang had wore this cap already, will blog it soon too.. Thanks a lot!

Mulberry Spring Summer Collection 2012






I thought this collection was belongs to Burberry. I just misread this into Mulberry..hahahah Sorry, so – yeah, this quite new for me to heard about the brand, however, it seems that this brand has really have to offer to us all. Look, their pieces are to way better than to the other brand’s collection pieces. Because I loved how they played on the colours on this spring summer collection of the brand,Mulberry.

I know, chic girls out there might ask me now on where you could buy these awesome pieces? hmm, I think, you may try yourself to search it over Google because there’s some affiliates online stores or partners that has these pieces to sell. And one thing more. This collection is the ever Ive seen that is really refreshing to eye and used these candies as their concept on the collection. Really great..I think, I needed to try this out on my first outfit post on this blog soon.. 😛

Okay, that’s it for now and will update you soon the pricing details of this collection as I got to know.. haha Thanks!