Messy Ponytail


Celebrities are used to make themselves look messy? nope! its an fashion trends. Because this recently the messy ponytail had been the most talked about style around the fashion industry because look, its indeed sexy when I girl did herself on this messy ponytail,right? that’s why most of the teen stars or celebrities are used to have their own hair more looking messy today. And other good things about this messy hair was, messy hair can also rocking you in any formal gatherings and events its like on how you designs it your own, look Vanessa Hudgens on the photo on top. She still look so hot on her formal event having her messy hair looks.

So – yeah! messy hair is trending today and you may check out for more tutorial on the proper way to did this messy hair ponytail. thanks!

Custom Jewelry




How many of you guys have dreamed of creating your own jewelry but are hesitant because most custom jewelers today are looking to bang you over the head with unbelievable, out of control prices?

I’m here to tell you that TraxNYC is one of the very few custom jewelers out that are known not only for their top of the line quality but their incomparable prices. TraxNYC is labeled, by their customers, as one of the best custom jewelers around. Their custom jewelry team is constantly working around the clock to bring you some of the most fascinating work you will probably ever see.

This elaborate (to say the least) angel ring is a work-in-progress. Once completed, this ring is going to be unlike any ring you have ever seen – 18k yellow gold with a 4.00 carat amethyst in the center that is surrounded by sapphires and emeralds. The work that is being done on this ring is incredibly intricate as you can see from the detailing.

This is just one of the many custom jewelry orders that are currently being worked on. To check out some of TraxNYC’s other pieces as well as past custom orders, check out

Dara x Ksubi Skeleton Sunglasses


PhotobucketSkeleton Sunglasses by KSUBI

I know most of you folks were asking on what brand of sunglasses that Dara, 2ne1 member, worn on this photo? oh well, its from the Parisian brand called Ksubi. We all know that Ksubi is more on high-end pieces because they’ve been originated in Paris. And yeah! as you a brand located or originated in any European territories. I think, you must to produce some high-end finds because a lot of giant companies and competitors are keep on producing some great pieces when it comes to fashion today.

Anyway, Dara is wearing an Ksubi Skeleton Sunglasses that had been created some noised over the web because fashion enthusiasts most especially those K-pop followers are often asking and searching on what’s the brand of this dope sunglasses that’s indeed quirky and way different than to the other usual sunglasses today. So – yeah folks, you can check on the Ksubi website regarding this and you can also buy this in any retail sunglasses online. Thanks!

IU Cover Gee – Lies – Sorry Sorry

If I am not mistaken, this was my second time to post up an K-pop music video on this blog, but anyway, I’ll try my very best to put some more these coming days ahead. I am so pleased to include this video on this blog,, because look, the girl named IU is such a darling and adorable and she sang her thing smoothly and perfectly. That’s why I got mah LSS on this video already..LOL

I admired the girl because she just got an cute and simply face and at the same time she’s indeed talented. Alright, that’s it for now and you may expect more video of this girl on this blog,

By the way, just want you to know that IU is wearing an Balmain top on this video..heheheh Just search on the brand’s website for more details about her top. Thank you!

Thermal Wear In Damart


Shopping can be both a therapy and a chore, depending on how you choose to look at it. Touted a favoured pasttime for women, the leisure activity of browsing through stores and trying on new clothes definitely has a charming quality about it. Some women shop for practical reasons, where as some women shop just for the fun of trying something pretty and taking a revered item home with them at the end of the day. However, there are times when you just need to run to the shops to pick out a new outfit for an occasion and simply cannot find the time to fit this in.

In instances such as these, the best way to get things done without too much an investment in terms of time would  be online shopping. The great thing about UK Damart is it’s a great site that specializes in thermal wear and dresses for all occasions. Embracing the latest styles and the hottest trends on the runway, you’ll be spoilt for choice from their sumptuous offering of dresses, chic outerwear as wear as be inspired by the inspiration boards they post on their store to help shoppers mix and match key pieces. Regardless of whether you’re a fashionista or a practical shopper looking for a perfect dress to wear to that dinner you’re supposed to attend, you’ll be delighted by the easy shopping options available on the site. Shopping right from the comfort of your seat ? Why not ?

Stussy for Burn Rubber “Detroit Tribe” Capsule Collection


Who wants some dope street wears? I know most of you folks are raising your hands there. And yeah! even me I wanted to, to wear some street wear fashion than having myself some heavy high-end one. LOL Because look, you can wear this fashion statement in any gatherings and even as daily wears.

Recently, the Detroit Tribe had posted for the brand Stussy, leading street fashion wear these days, for the brand Capsule Collection for this year 2012. I must say, these collection is indeed dope and will look forward to by the swag peeps on these following weeks ahead as these pieces were available in the market soon.

As for this moment, i really dunno the list of pieces that are listed on this Capsule Collection, however, soon I got to know further, of course, will update you again in here, so please keep on checking this blog often? the pricing details will be also include on my update post soon on this blog. Alright, that’s it for now and will update more fashion updates by my next posts. Thanks!

China Online Store is Easy and Safe For Shopping


Everyone around the world have an issue with online store related to the safety of the product delivery is on time, when the product have been selected, bought and paid. Moreover, China Online Store is available; those are reliable and provide quality products with the lower rate to enjoy the online shopping including Electronics, mobile phones, MP3/MP4, spy cameras, media players, Auto electronic cars, computers, portable tablets PC gadgets, home appliances and many other categories of consumer Electronics Products.

When buying products from China Online Store that offers great price tags on every product showing on their websites. Even though many Chinese online store give a deal of discounts that if you buy products in bulk you will get a discount from competitive prices for their customers that make a regularly order or drop shipping. The entire Chinese online stores will become your best partner with remarkable discounts.

The China Online store provides super quality with satisfactory services to all its customers and businessperson such as storeowners, retailers, eBay sellers and distributors at a very competitive price. The China Online stores have made their principle to give satisfactory services along with high quality; these sites are striving tough for their best business partner.

The customers of China Online store have a great convenient and safety in order for the methods of payment because many Chinese stores accept payments by PAY PAL, Bank Transfer and western union. In addition to it, now you can buy products from the China online store with any currency.

The Chinese online store is that it provides fast and safe delivery. In addition to it, the product packages are check again to make sure perfectibility of the product before sending. These sites also offer a one-year warranty, that all products are brand new with high quality and are check properly by the professional quality controllers. Moreover, many Chinese online stores accept the refund, return or repair according to the product condition.

The China online stores have the biggest chain of wholesale distributors, with a cordial relationship to its producers from china. In order to serve worldwide customers with quality electronic products and caring services. If you read the terms and conditions of the online store website before registering you must read their detail information. Most of the Chinese online store never share the personal and private information with anyone, the personal information will only be used when the process and delivery is require for the order you will place.

Buy products from china online stores because it is safe and you can trust them!

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Supreme 2012 “The Alton” Sunglasses Collection



As I’ve noticed today, a lot of companies and brands are used to have their own sunglasses line than having some summer clothes line. Maybe because they just have to give on what things are trends and demand by the peeps on today’s fashion. That’s why then, brand lines companies are used to have their own set of sunglasses today. Actually, sunglasses these days are everywhere, you can buy it in any stores with different brands, however, most of these brands( apparel brands) when it comes to their new sunglasses, they’re only got these weak materials that would never last, not like on the other real sunglasses companies wherein they dedicated on giving us a great useful sunglasses that is not questionable.

Anyway, the brand called Supreme had released their own line of sunglasses today, those on the top photos, and I must say, these sunglasses are really promising and they made their sunglasses like the branded one. They use some great materials on these that will be surely lasted. Why I know? because its listed on their manual thingy as you buy one of these. Yeah! got mine already..:) So – yeah! these are the sunglasses of the brand Supreme for their spring summer collection for this year 2012 that has a theme called “The Alton”.

Check online if these sunglasses are already available where do you residing at the moment.. Thanks!

Spectrum x Spektre N.E.S.A. Limited Edition Sunglasses




When it comes to accessories today. I think the most trends and demand these days was these awesome sunglasses. Because we’re all having  this hot season called summer. Sunglasses really help us to protect our eyes in any sunny hits radiation that can cause some eye deficiencies as we dont have this sunglasses as eye protection on. That’s why a lot of companies and even brands are already conceptualizing their own designs sunglasses that might be the trends soon on the fashion industry.

This recently, the brand Spectrum and Spektre are had their collaboration to create and give us all some new designs of sunglasses that we’re be crazing about today. And these are the sunglasses you were seeing on the top photos. Actually, these sunglasses are limited only, so – grab your own now because these sunglasses might be phase out soonest.

Regarding on the prices? as far as I know, all sunglasses are has a price of € 89,00 in any retail online stores and even to any Spectrum & Spektre stores.