Classic Bell Ross Replica for Vintage Lovers


The entire collection from replica Bell Ross has a vintage touch to it and it is no doubt that their classic range of watches stand apart from the rest for over a century now, catering to the need of people who like to preserve the past in the most aesthetic manner. They are divided into aviation, classic and marine category which even though specifically focused on the professionals at work, you can always make your presence felt using such watches. It will help you show off a bit about your interest and your taste for flying or going deep under the sea to explore places where humans seldom go. Only the most daring and the explorers can accomplish such tasks.

Moreover, for the convenience of customers and to assure them that the amount paid is worthy, replica watches are always sold with a limited period warranty during which replacement is guaranteed in case any issues come up. The virtual shops are open throughout the clock allowing you maximum possible time to know the features before placing an order. If you are used to seeing markers in your watch, then it will be new to explore the radar like models which has no suck pointers at all expect for lights that indicate the time as they move around. It runs on mechanical automatic movement and comes three varied colored lines indicating the hours, minutes and seconds.

I like the best replica watches for its unique approach to creating timepieces that stand out of the crowd and makes me feel completely confident about my fashion. The water resistant capacity is measured at 100 meters and it can vary according to the model because the marine version is always on the higher side as it is used to go underwater to find new discoveries.

Designer Jewelry’s Popularity Rises with the Summer Heat


As summer temperatures heat up around the U.S.A., Natalie K has discovered that designer jewelry’s popularity has only continued to rise. Women who love designer jewelry for its style, affordable elegance and high quality return again and again to add to their designer jewelry collections. And women who’ve never before owned designer jewelry have become curious, buying their first (and second…and third!) pieces of fine designer jewelry to compliment their wardrobes. Discovering its easier than ever to look stylish, contemporary and follow fashion’s trends…all with a love for designer jewelry. And when you are looking for the very best in designer jewelry, the savvy woman turns to Natalie K..


Women today realize that designer jewelry affords them high quality and the ability to wear jewelry pieces again and again. There’s minimal worry about pieces needing unnecessary repairs or upkeep. With high quality designer jewelry like Natalie K, your designer jewelry has been created to be worn regularly and enjoyed repeatedly. Instead of buying jewelry created with poor craftsmanship or shoddy materials, designer jewelry has been made to withstand the tests of time.



Rings are one of the most popular accessory trends now and women know they can update their look, adding one or multiple rings to their outfit. A few Natalie K rings easily enhances any daytime or evening wardrobe and lets every woman stretch her fashion looks just a bit further. Accessories, whether a woman chooses trendy, contemporary, vintage or the totally unique can be the perfect way to accent her wardrobe – and jewelry rings are an ideal way to accessorize.


What woman wouldn’t want to “accessorize” with designer wedding rings? Saying “I do” to that special man is an exciting moment in your life, and choosing designer jewelry is the ideal choice for this jewelry purchase. Natalie K offers high quality, fashion forward and stylish designer wedding rings ideal for today’s woman. Find that engagement or wedding ring you know every woman will admire in that Natalie K collection.


When buying diamond rings every couple must think about this purchase as a long term commitment. By choosing Natalie K diamond rings, you’ve found high quality, elegance and style for your diamond ring purchase. Your Natalie K diamond ring will be there from your very first moment, and then ready to pass on to generations as a timeless legacy of your love. That’s the mark of high quality and artisan craftsmanship of designer jewelry by Natalie K.

Wedding Accessories and Gowns From


Today, a lot of couples are now planning to get married because the June month is near heading, as we all know, June is the best month for the wedding events and some related gatherings like engagements parties. However, most of the bride to be are had this little problem on what gowns and accessories should they have for this event to be solemnly but fun and how does she(bride) will be look too beautiful and stunning on this day, wedding. No worries, because I’ve found online store where you could find  all you’ll be needing for  this event (wedding or engagement) which the The site has huge variety on their gowns and dresses in any occasions, and they do have these stunning accessories that can spice up your total outfit whatever events you’ll have attend with. And as I know, they’re the most cheapest among all wedding dresses stores today but still in quality. So – try to check them today and buy your gowns and dresses to them.


And not just that, they can also work on your details, like what you are seeing on the top photo. Just gave your designs to them and they’ll work hard on it and produce the wedding gown(s) you’d wanted to be. Awesome,right? I think, only is the only wedding gowns shop who offers this custom made gowns and dresses. 🙂


A-line Strapless Chiffon Ruffles , Flowers Wedding Dress (GWBND0644)

This one of their chic dresses on their company today, Just heaps up to their main website( to browse all of their awesome and stunning dresses for all young ladies out there.. This too much dope & stunning, right?


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And this one really amazed me. Because look, this was my first time to see such wonderful and beautiful neck accessory that we might wear to our wedding day that can give this elegant appeals to each lady who wears it. All these are can be found on the online store

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Loose Diamond Ring For Your Wedding


When it comes to accessories today. There’s a lot of new pieces that we could choose from with, there’s this neck chain, body chains, bling blings, and these awesome rings. However, I think,rings nowadays are often used with some important events or gatherings like, weddings and engagements parties, not in away of accessorize your dope street fashion statement.

Rings are trends these days, and they’re also invading the fashion industry today. Because these rings are the most talked about and well demand today in the world of fashion and into wedding related things. So – what are the rings are trends and often considered by the couple as they’re taking their each vows? alright, check my list below on what kind of rings that you should have that can make your partner feel special as she haves it.

1. Oval loose diamonds – yeah these oval loose diamond rings are the most common one. Because jeweler are used to have this on their stores due of the demand of the people and at the same because of the reasonable prices of this loose diamond on the world market.

2. White diamond rings – these are the rare one. though diamonds are usual white, but this white diamond one was really a clear stone one that are though to see in the market today.

3. Ruby rings – these rings are used to use in the vintage wedding type, or the oldest people, because ruby stones is includes to the vintage way of wedding.

4. Heart shape diamond – This was the last type of ring that couples are use to have on their wedding. Because this kind of ring are indeed pricey due of the shape of the diamond.

S0 – overall, I suggest you to have the loose diamond ring on your wedding and even as your engagement ring. Because this really reasonable and still, it has a great value that can be great source of investment to. For more info, try to diamonds search yourself to for you to find out. 🙂

The Best Summer Shades For Men

Britain tends to do a good job of masking the fact that we have entered its supposed summer months, but this is the time of year where many can turn their attentions to holidays further afield and get fully kitted out with the latest fashion trends to represent our island when holidaying abroad.  Listed below is an insight into the looks that are likely to be sported by men on sun kissed beaches across the world in the next months.




The famous catwalks in Paris and Milan earlier this year showcased the latest trends for men’s summer eyewear, with the sports look being high on the agenda. Sports performance based sunglasses from the likes of Oakley lead the way in terms of matching a designer look with supreme functionality, where products such as the Oakley Scalpel (RRP £112) could help you not only look great when working out during the summer months, but the Three-Point-Fit function ensures that the sunglasses are the less intrusive option for competitive sport also, protecting you from the sun without compromising on performance.




An alternative option for sports enthusiasts is the Adidas T-Sight A154 (RRP £135), which may be a preferred choice for those with a larger head size who have difficulty in finding  sunglasses that fit properly, due to varying height adaptation options, with comfort during a workout or sporting activity being paramount. The T-Sight is a lightweight rimless visor design providing extensive peripheral vision of surroundings, while sophisticated technology such as SPX flexibility and Flex Zones ensure that the sunglasses are durable enough to withstand intense physical exertion. A bonus for prescription wearers is that optical inserts can be fitted, designed to fit securely behind the lens, while a variety of colour schemes can be chosen to suit all tastes.



No summer sunglasses collection would be complete without some instantly recognisable designer eyewear sunglasses from the biggest brand names, such as this offering from the Emporio Armani range. During downtime from sporting activities this summer, whether it’s a walk on the beach or simply wanting to look cool relaxing by the pool, these Emporio Armani Sunglasses EA9745S (RRP £110) contain rectangular acetate frames with polycarbonate lenses for complete UV protection, marrying a traditional blacked out sunglasses look with contemporary styling for a unique summer look. Other colours are available for those who require a more adventurous look, while an Armani sunglasses case is provided to help you really look the part on your holiday.

Jamie writes for Direct Sight, a leading provider of designer glasses and sunglasses online.

What Are the Latest Fashion Trends in Eyeglasses?


Eyeglasses trends for 2012 reflect a new seriousness brought on, perhaps, by the increased stresses in today’s world. Terms like “the Clark Kent look” and “retro cool” describe glasses that are really popular right now. More than ever, eyewear is considered a fashion accessory. For this reason, many men and women have separate pairs for business, casual time, and special events.

Some of the newest general trends include the introduction of titanium frames. Because this metal is extremely light-weight and non-corrosive, it is ideal for eyeglass frames, making them as durable as they are fashionable. Other choices in frames include stainless steel and aluminium. Plastic has moved up from the children’s eyeglass collection to be a favourite for adults as well. Young adults appear to enjoy the “hipper” looks that are possible with plastic. Thin classic frames and bold layers of colour combine to make a youthful fashion statement.

For women, fashion is even more important than comfort or feel. While black, grey, and tinted white are still popular, the heavier, monochromatic frame is seeing a resurgence of popularity. These “librarian glasses” practically exude professionalism and high performance. To lighten up the mood slightly, women are also choosing frames whose tops are  dark plum or black and whose bottoms are left uncoloured.

On the other hand, today’s woman does not want to lose her feminine side. Casual times call for brilliant jewel-tone frames, complete with delicate filigree, floral emblems, crystals, stripes, diamonds, and cut-outs carved or etched into the arms. No one will be surprised if you decide to wear your floral and animal-print eyeglasses when it’s time to let your hair down and have some fun. While you’re at it, you might want to consider the butterfly or cat-eye frames that have returned from the ‘40s and ‘50s.

Unlike women, men value feel and comfort above appearance. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t want to look fashionable. Many men still favour the classic look of silver, gold or dark-plastic frames for the office and for reading. For a slightly more sophisticated look, adding metal cut-outs or tortoise shell colours can make ordinary glasses stand out. While those beefy, square-frame, “Clark Kent” glasses are hot sellers, a futuristic look is also popular. These glasses have smaller frames and rounded corners. Most men really value comfort, so they also enjoy buying rimless or semi-rimless glasses, which are much lighter and tend to be very comfortable to wear.

Because they are now so affordable, many adults are choosing to own more than a single, all-purpose pair of glasses. Matching eyeglasses to outfits and activities has become a simple way to look sophisticated and trendy all the time.


De Beers: Truly World Class


I think that most if not all women love diamonds. As the saying goes, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. But not all, actually only a few, can afford to buy diamonds especially the high quality types that De Beers manufacture. Well known in the jewelry world, the De Beers history is quite interesting. Two African farmers discovered diamonds in their farm but sold it to Cecil Rhodes. Along with her partner Charles Rudd, they merged with a mining corporation named Barnato Mining Company and became De Beers Consolidated Mines Limited in 1888. De Beers has also in recent years merged with Louis Vuitton and Moet Hennessey.

Although De Beers may be the largest producer of diamonds, it is not without troubles. There are lawsuits against the company because many say that they are monopolizing the diamond industry. Thus, most of the profit goes to them. They control diamond prices and mislead the market. In 2008, they had a lawsuit called the De Beers Class Action wherein they offered $295 million as settlement.


De Beers diamond mining is one reason why the company is the largest producer of diamonds in the world. De Beers mining methods or expertise is quite unparalleled. De Beers has mines in Namibia, Botswana, Canada and South Africa. De Beers has several mining methods being used like Alluvial Mining, Marine Mining, Open-Pit Mining, and Underground Mining which has many methods but the most often used is the mechanised Blast Hole Open Stoping (BHOS).

There is also a controversy in the diamond industry concerning blood diamonds which started wars in at least three African countries. It is said that De Beers is involved but they have denied the rumors. CNN has defined De Beers blood diamonds as “conflict diamonds which originate from Africa controlled by forces fighting the legitimate and internationally recognized government of the relevant country”. De Beers has said that they get their diamonds legally.

Being the largest producer of diamonds in the world, De Beers employs more than 13,000 people in more than 20 countries. De Beers careers include those in retail specifically jewelry professionals, as well as careers in trading, human resources, engineering, administration, public relations, manufacturing, and maintenance.

For more info about the De Beers diamonds, Please check :

Why Men Fall for Tommy Bahama


Tommy Bahama is a line of clothing inspired by the island lifestyle and fashion trend that you’d find in the Caribbean. Most men have at least a couple of shirts from Tommy Bahama in their closet: they are their first pick when it’s time to pack a suitcase and go on vacation. So what exactly makes this brand so special and loved by men of various generations?

The first aspect appreciated by many gentlemen is the comfort that these clothes provide. Tommy Bahama shirts are mostly made of silk, which makes them light weight and perfect to wear in hot and humid tropical weather. It’s also worth mentioning that they never wrinkle and will look great even after a long day of outdoor activities.

Another feature that makes all Tommy Bahama collections stand out is the distinctive look of the clothes. Bright, island-inspired pattern and contrasting colors create the unique combination that immediately sets you in vacation mode. The print on shirts is mostly re-creation of the tropical flora and fauna, with palm leaves and seagulls used as a rather frequent theme. Even a dress shirt will give you a leisurely look when you pair it with white or khaki pants of loose fit.

It’s true that Tommy Bahama shirts can be pricey, but being made of mostly all natural materials such as silk or cotton, they are pretty durable. The fact that most shirts are machine-washable adds to their advantages. Many shirts are available in subtle pattern and can be worn to a special evening event, especially when paired with dress pants.

Add Tommy Bahama to your wardrobe: summer is coming and you want that laid-back breezy look that a tropical-print shirt can provide.


Lookbook: TheNextDoor 2012 Spring/Summer “Les Habitues”





These are the lookbook of the brand TheNextDoor. I think this brand is specialized on street fashion and men’s fashion one. Because I’d never heard recently and even before that they did released something for girls. Anyways, these pieces from their newest lookbook of the brand are all looks great and men will be surely excited about these pieces as its released in the market.

I simply liked these pieces because these pieces are way cool than to those other same brands spring summer collection. Because these pieces are more on casual wears that are suits in today’s season which the summer. Okay, that’s it for now and will update you more soon.. Thanks!

Why to Sell Your Used Rolex


There’s a ton of reasons that I had to sell my Rolex, but it was mostly for the financial help. It’s a very smart idea to sell used Rolex watches, especially if you are a great salesman. If you plan on purchasing a Rolex watch now, it is time to start planning on selling your old Rolex watch soon, continue read this article for some help tips! , it may be much easier to sell considering how important of a fashion staple it has been in the Rolex watch industry. You may have found this page by typing in ‘selling watches’ to your search engine of choice, or it may just be by accident. Either way, I’m here to help you figure out exactly how you should go about selling your new (or gently used) Rolex. Not surprisingly, Rolex watches even when used are extremely valuable and maintain their actual value for a good number of years.

There is a high demand for the watches and that will maintain for a good amount of time. Rolex watches are quite rare and for that reason, are very sought out. You may of heard about Rolex from your father or your uncle, but no matter where you heard it referenced, no doubt you know what Rolex is and what it means. When attempting to sell a Rolex, it is important that you have kept all the original papers. There are too many fake producers and manufacturers in the world and people spending a great amount of money really want to make sure that their item of choice is real. Besides having the papers, it is also important to get the watch inspected by a professional who can sign a document stating that it is a true Rolex. Both of these items will help increase the sales of your Rolex and attract more possible buyers. Get a nice photographer who is experienced and get close-up pictures of your Rolex watch. This will also help with sales and is a plus for potential customers. Consumers all around the world generally like to see the same things in ads, and great photos are in the top two categories.