Celebrities who’ve found love online

You know that page in magazines with the heading, “Stars – They’re Just Like Us!”? Well, alongside “They eat ice cream!” and “They take their kids to school!” should be “They look for love online!” Yes, you’d be surprised to know that there are many celebrities who’ve joineddatingsites like http://www.eharmony.com.au. From Orlando Bloom to Halle Berry, here’s a list of celebs who’ve looked online for love.

Orlando Bloom

Before Orlando became one half of “Mirlando” by marrying Miranda Kerr, he admitted to creating a Facebook profile under a pseudonym, so he could meet women who didn’t know that he was really a famous actor.

Halle Berry

Oscar winner Halle Berry has admitted to perusing online dating sites and chat rooms anonymously. Next time you’re chatting to someone online, just think – they could be a movie star, trawling the internet in their pyjamas, just like you!

Deborah Ann Woll



The porcelain-skinned star of True Blood met her current boyfriend online in 2007, prior to becoming a star thanks to her vampiric sex appeal.

Chace Crawford



Chace Crawford, the scruffy-haired star of Gossip Girl told a magazine that he had multiple online dating profiles on different websites to woo the ladies. Whether he just browsed or really looked for love, we’re sure that his handsome face would be lovely to come across while flicking through pages online!

Carrie Ann Inaba

The gorgeous Dancing With the Stars judge found her fiancé Sloan on eHarmony – and he had no idea who she was when he sent her a message! Fate!

So, even the celebs are doing it. But that doesn’t mean you have to act like a celebrity to get noticed – you certainly don’t have to shamelessly self-promote yourself; it’s all about being yourself. Whether that means looking into Christian dating with eHarmony (http://www.eharmony.com.au/christian)or browsing fun-loving singles in Sydney.

Shourouk Jewelry



I was really a fan on dazzling and glittering stuff like jewelry and diamonds. Because these things can really makes me smile most especially if I have them in my bear hands. That’s why when I first saw these awesome jewelry here from the brand Shourouk they really hooked me up and I’m so amazed how these jewelry created. Look, they are all awesome,right? that’s why I wanted to have at least the eagle necklace one. so – lovely!

Regarding the prices on each finds? oh well, sorry – because I’d still dont know the further details about it and also if these pieces are already out in the market. I will then update you here once I got the full details. Thanks!

Prada Campaign Ads 2012


I just randomly got this photo over the web. And yeah! found it great, that’s why I better it to be include here. I dont know if this sunglasses is include on the brand, Prada, fall or summer collection. I will update you regarding this pretty soon. Thanks!

Also, have you heard about the scales issue? if not so, you better to check back the blog later today for the update or full information about this new trends today. I will do the full details updates about it. Thanks!

Free audio book online

I know most of the folks out there are wants to learn more, like languages, new things, and even some fashion tailoring one. However, I suggest you to take a look or try to search some great free audio book online that you may use to learn all of these things in the free fee. Yeah! that’s how the internet works today!

How to Look Stunning on a Long Skirt


For most women, they think that long skirts are less sexy and appealing compared to their shorter versions. With a wrong choice in a skirt’s length possibly leading to a fashion roadkill, women are now opting for the safe alternative rather than to pull a wrong look. But fashion is all about mix and match and expressing one’s personality through clothes. The right type of long skirts exide class and elegance, making it perfect for formal events and gatherings.


Here are some tips on how to look stunning on a long skirt:


1. Remember to choose a skirt that will complement your body type. Long skirts are usually worn by tall women. A wide leg pants can give the illusion of a fuller lower body, so if you already have prominent hips and legs it will be better to stay away from this style. But even petite women could wear long skirts, just make sure to match it with the right pair of shoes.


2. Choose a type of fabric that is comfortable to wear. Nothing is more annoying than having to fix your skirts constantly because of the discomfort it brings. Go for light and soft materials during the summer season as this provides you with more movement. Denim and other types of heavy fabrics should be worn during the cooler months or at night time.


3. The color of the long pants can make or break an entire outfit. Here’s a simple tip: wear light colored tops for dark colored long skirts and vice versa. Avoid wearing just one shade especially of bright colors. With the latest trend in fashion today, you can also try to color block just make sure that the shades will complement each other.


Long skirts come in a variety of designs to complement the different body types. Check out some fashion magazines and websites where you can get information and lookbooks that can help you create your own fashion statement.


Rose is a freelance content writer who loves shopping and fashion. Currently writing for nederdele she sees this as a way to share information about skirts.

Buy Branded Bags At Affordable Rates – Burberry Handbags Sale


With the highly modernizing world and giving due importance to style and trend, replica handbags are turning out to be more important and increasingly famous, due acknowledgement goes to the wonderful fashion industry. If you desire to own the designer handbag devoid of paying additional amount just for the name of brand, then the replica product is the perfect option. It provides you with the analogous feel and appearance, without compromising on the quality of the product. It is however, cheaper and quite affordable as compared to the original and genuine designer products where you will have to shed several thousands of dollars for the sake of buying the trendy handbag. It is very much important and significant to note that these replica handbags are just not quite cheap and affordable but at the same time they are similar to the original branded bags.

The original Burberry handbag cost quite expensive, and if you buy them from any Burberry handbags sale or the Burberry replica bag then it will cost just the fraction of amount of original and branded Burberry bag. Therefore, the main and key reason behind the purchasing of these replica products is because to the great and immense difference in their prices.

Replica handbags are best when it is about going for the most unrestrained outing. Such as, Especial occasions of dinner, proms, weddings, ceremonies, banquets and any other formal events are few of the occasions when you may carry these replica products, and most astonishing is that no one will be able to even point out the variation. When it is to gift anything to women, handbags are the perfect select which you can buy from the Burberry handbags sale. If you own the restricted budget then you may take a step ahead to buy the replica bags that are the perfect choice for gifting to any of your known female. With no doubt at this entire gift will be worth of memory and would have good value for amount.

Trends: Colored Blazers


What is the trends piece for this summer 2012? that you might use to in fall season? uh? there’s really an piece(s) like that? the answer is YES! look at this blazer or jacket coat on top, this is the great example of the pieces versatility because you may use them in all times not like to the other pieces wherein they just fixed on the certain season and days trends. Got what I mean here? I hope you do.

Actually, I dunno yet the brand of this kind of blazer here, however, you may check it by your own by heading on your fave stores or if you want the same brand as to the piece on the top photo. I suggest you to ask Google about it or better yet to comeback here for my update..:) alright, that’s it for now and I’ll try to update you some other informative one. Thanks!

Dress like a Kpop


I know most of you folks are had this enthusiastic about Kpop musics. Because yeah! even me I was too amazed and been crazed about these kpop songs and stuff. That’s why I was thinking of to buy this roger mc guinn a music instrument, which I may use to produce an sounds like kpop range of musics. I was too really excited about it and I hope I may have it soon. Okay, Ill posted an photo of it soon I got it to my bear hands..:)

Thanks so much and if you wanted to be dress like kpop. I suggest you to have some black pieces to mixed up on like what you are seeing on the top photos. Yeah! kpop are used to wear black these days than to those colored one..:)

Best Halloween Costume


August is indeed my month, because I got hired by one of the famous casino club here where I resides. And please dont get me wrong. This post isn’t about any casino and bingo post okay, but seriously, I got hired and I’m happy with it though I dont get my desire position which for being an poker dealer but at least they gave me this cage cashier which though I truly appreciate . And as I attended the company seminar rather orientation they been told that we were having some Halloween costume contest by the month of October which mandatory, meaning all of us employees are have to participate on the said contest. That’s why now, I was so damn tired on searching on to where I could find the best Halloween costume that can bring me the bucks..hehe anyway, I think, I need to look around online and they might this vampire costume selling.

By the way, our company is made of steel buildings, nope, I meant, the company building..ehhe which amazed me. No worries, Ill include some photos soon for you to see how awesome the building is.. Thanks!


Fashionable Finds at Clozette


When I found out about Clozette.co, I immediately signed up right away. I’m very much into fashion and anything nice and I know this is where I can explore my fashionable and creative side. It’s totally free to sign up and very easy to register in. There’s a dozen things you can do in this site that’s totally enjoyable. Clozette is the social networking site for every fashion conscious person. Here you can meet other people who have the same interests as yours.


Download it here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fashion-finds-by-clozette.co/id543836871?mt=8

One of the features I love about this site is the Clozette Fashion Finds App. It’s accessible in iTunes. Just open iTunes and then download the application for free. Also, I encourage you to sign up on the site too,Clozette.co, because you could find all the trends pieces there that can help to avoid yourself for being a fashion victim as you updated on what’s hot and not on the fashion industry today. If you done the apps installed, you may then share easily on what’s on your closet list going on the Clozette community site which the most convenient for all of us. Because we dont have to open our home computer just to update because through your own smartphone you can definitely share what you have and even to see other member’s finds. Great,right?


Jeffrey Campbell Shoes Women’s The ‘Foxy Spike’ in Black Silver

Look, what Ive found on the Clozette shoppe channel, they do have some lovely heels there that I know most of you will look forward to have. Actually, I’m getting crazed on their shoppe section already and this Jeffrey Campbell heels indeed hooked me up..hehe you may buy this of just only USD 174.95 over this link: http://www.clozette.co/shoppe/browse/gan-ss-296481/gan .. Such a lovely studded heels. I loved it!

This is only the tip of the iceberg. There’s so many more you can do at Clozette. If you are a business minded person, you can create a store for free and definitely you’ll get to earn a lot since Clozette has a lot of members. Your free online store will showcase your products. If you have a lot of really nice clothes and accessories, you can show those off here in Clozette. But most of all you can shop. The site’s Bazaar page section is simply awesome. All the things you’re looking for you’ll surely find there. The marketplace is full of to-die-for items. They have sexy dresses, trendy tops and bottoms, cute bags and shoes, and chic accessories. I’ve already shopped for a couple of beautiful tops in Clozette and planning to buy more.

Join the Clozette community today and start making your own store and even to learn on other members fashion styles.