Why Koreans are used to wear nerdy glasses?


When it comes to Korean fashion. One thing is noticeable on their fashion statements wherein this great geek looking through their nerdy glasses. Yeah! Koreans are used to wear this kind of glasses though they dont have any deficiency on their eyes at all. Its like they want to be looking geek and way quirky on their own fashion style. That’s why most of the people today are trying to be like this too. However, let me remind you, that not all trends or pieces whose looking great onto others are will be suited on you too well. You’ll have to reconsider your genes or own appearance before trying out or wearing anything pieces like this nerdy glasses.

Because you know, I’d often seen peeps wearing this and trying to be look like an Korean folks but they obviously fail due of the over exaggerated by potting things up together. Got what I meant here? I hope you do. Alright, that’s it for now and wait, one thing i suggest to those folks wanting themselves on this kind of fashion statements. Wherein, they must have this classy taste on their fashion and everything will be spice up on this kind of glasses, nerdy glasses. I’m telling it’ll work!

A Dress made of real flowers


While I was searching some interesting finds over the web awhile ago. I just stumbled on this site wherein they did have this made of real flower dress blogged up. Honestly, at first, I really cant believe it because how can be a flowers to be form into dress like the dress on the top photo. But as I read the blog post, I actually realized that it can really be as long do you have this creativeness on your mind and everything will be possible.

Who wants to be get married? I know most of you pretty gels wants it happened soon. Because we had this all dreamt that we can wear our own wedding dress on this specially occasion,right? so – I suggest, why we dont make our wedding day an extra specially and way different than to the usual ceremony? by just wearing an nice made of flower dress like this one? i think, it is pretty a nice concept, right? because no one done it before yet… Hmmm.. Let me think it though.. LOL quite sometimes I was thinking some nutshell ideas..hahah

Okay, that’s it for now and I hope I can keep on updating you some fashion related news on this blog. Also, keep on supporting me here by often checking my latest posts. Thanks!

Quirky shoes


Most girls wants to have this killer heels that they might to rock on. However, most of the heels today are these usual thing, I mean the designs are usual and haven’t this quirkiness to each other, Yeah, sad to say, most brands today are keep on mimicking each other designs when made some consumer’s confusion on which designs belong to. But no worries, because this recently. Ive found this shoes here that has way better designs and been unique above all. And sad to say, I haven’t any change as for now to know on what’s the brand of this awesome shoes here. However, by tomorrow or maybe after 3 days I’ll be surely make my lil research about it and by then, I can able to update you here the full details. So – please, keep on visiting me here, okay?

Nonetheless, this shoes is been already trends that’s why I know I wouldn’t have an hard times to know on what’s the brand of it. Please do comeback for the update,okay? alright, that’s it for now and have a great Sunday to everyone.

Airport Fashion: How to Travel in Style

The term airport fashion is very popular especially for artists in the Asian entertainment industry. With the popularity of the Hallyu craze across the globe, celebrities find themselves under the watchful eye not only of reporters  but of fans as well. And this is why it is very important for them to ensure that they look their best whenever they go out in public. So while usually travelers opt for comfortable clothes, artists will pull off different fashion statements with the airport as their runway.

If you are a traveler who loves to keep up with fashion then traveling with style is the only way to go. What better way to start this than to wear clothes that will make eyes turn at the airport. The truth is, airport fashion is easy to achieve and it does not have to look formal and uncomfortable. With these few essential pieces, you can enjoy your flight in a fashionable way:

1. Scarves

Scarves are a fashion accessory that can serve as a statement piece. All you need is one scarf for the entire trip and you can use it in different ways. Functionality is one of the reasons why it is considered as a travel essential. If you are traveling on a tropical country, you can wear your scarf together with a good pair of jeans and a light shirt.

2. Sunglasses

Feel like a celebrity once you step out of the plane by wearing a pair of sunglasses. Most people that go on a holiday think that there is no need to worry about your outfits. The truth is, planning your wardrobe ahead of time is very important to make sure that your bring clothes that are right for the destination and its climate. Having a pair of sunglasses also comes in handy especially during long flights as it covers your tired eyes once you’ve arrived. It also provides protection especially on a sunny day.

Traveling is all about fun and taking new adventures. If you love taking pictures while on a trip, then you’ll want to look good on every shot. Learn a little about your destination and plan your wardrobe based on its weather and the activities that you had planned for the trip.

Mia is a freelance content writer who loves to travel during her free time. She aims to provide fellow travelers with valuable information about sabah tourism through her written works.

Baby shower at bestbabyshower

Are you planning to have baby shower for your princess or prince? why not to try the service baby shower at bestbabyshower? because the site is offering the full package of baby shower events and the other good thing. You could choose a set of theme base on what do you want.. 🙂 check the site now and avail the services today!

Shopping at Macy’s


If you love shopping as much as I do, for sure you know a lot of online shops that offer a lot of various items. Personally, I prefer one stop online shops. These are the kinds that sell clothing, shoes, accessories, bags, jewelries, cosmetics, perfumes and many more in one website. This way it’s easier to buy items because you’ll pay for them only once and shipping will be combined. It’s hassle-free. I’ve been visiting Macy’s a lot ever since I saw their website. They sell so many items from many different brands and they ship worldwide. It’s really a shopping haven. You don’t have to go out of your house to buy items from leading brands.

Macy’s, one of America’s leading department stores have been selling items like apparel, shoes, accessories, bags, jewelries, bath and body products etc. for many years now. Their collection of boots for women is to die for!  You can choose from top brands like Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Jessica Simpson, Adidas, Converse, Adrienne Vittadini, Juicy Couture, Steve Madden and a lot more. Find a boot you like and then click the picture. Details about the item will be shown. You can shop by brand, boot height, and heel height if you wish. It’s your preference. I usually shop by brand.

I found this really gorgeous pair of Steve Madden Brandyy Boots worth P5,901. The shoes comes in two colors, cognac and black. I haven’t decided yet what color I’ll be buying but I’m leaning towards cognac. Along with the available sizes, the product details, reviews, shipping and returns details are also shown. This tall riding boots is both modern and fun. It has a low heel fit for casual clothes and is totally comfortable. The topstitch detailing and buckle embellishment looks so chic. I also like the Bandolino Cardinal Platform Booties worth P4,819. I love the wine suede color and the heel is just right. It’s so sexy and cool.

Tag heuer carrera


When it comes to fashion accessories today. One of the most trends for men’s are these tag heuer carrera watches, I must say. Because peeps these days are often talking about the brand and at the same time most of the dudes are more likely into than brand,Tag heuer carrera, for their watches. That’s why the kind of watch is the most look forward brand of watches today.

Fashion at its Best at Boticca


I love fashion. I always make it a point that I’m updated with the latest trends and news about fashion by reading popular fashion magazines like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar. I also occasionally blog hop through different fashion blogs just to see a glimpse of what’s out there and at the same time discover new labels that sell stylish, chic, and unique but affordable clothes and accessories. I still shop the old fashioned way in malls but I must say that I’m getting addicted to online shopping. It’s not only fast, easy, and convenient but also there are tons of online sellers that sell items that you don’t find elsewhere. So the probability of bumping into someone wearing the same clothes is so minimal.

I’m sure many internet users and fashion lovers are already familiar with some online shops selling one of a kind pieces. Among them are Oasap, Romwe, Sugarlips, ModCloth, and Sheinside. Another online store that I visit frequently is Boticca.com. The shop has that classy feel and you’ll easily find what you’re looking for because all the items are well organized. Boticca is actually a marketplace where you get to buy the item you want directly from the designer or manufacturer. Among the items you’ll find are jewelries (bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings), bags, belts, hair accessories, and scarves.

Suffice it to say that whatever you’re buying in Boticca is exquisite and of high quality. Among the items that customers will love are the many choices for unique necklaces. You can make an otherwise simple shirt come alive by wearing the right necklace. Buyers can choose from among the many styles Boticca has. There are chunky and bold necklaces, as well as long, short, and chain necklaces. If you want pure glamour then they also sell pearl necklaces. To make it easier, buyers can filter their choices according to material, colour, gemstones, and designer. My favorite necklaces are the Wisdom necklace, Triceratops, red necklace with agate stone, and the Mitford gold diamond bib necklace.

Once you click the picture of the necklace you like, a bigger picture appears. You’ll be able to see the price, the name of the designer, description, materials used, colors available, and dimension or size. The buyer can also directly contact the designer and see all the items that she’s selling. A tab for the shipping details can also be clicked to see how much the buyer will pay which of course depends on his/her location. Boticca is really such an enjoyable place to shop in. You’ll find all you need there.