Adidas Basketball 2012 Holiday “Bright Lights-Big City” Pack


I am a fan of Adidas shoes, we all know that the brand provides good quality shoes and comfortable design for every different sports that a person is in to. Adidas has shoes for running, for working out, even fashionable shoes. And the most popular kind of shoes that they have are those basketball shoes.

And now, speaking of basketball shoes, they already unveiled their new collection which is  Adidas Basketball 2012 Holiday “Bright Lights-City Lights” Pack. The name of the collection itself perfectly describes the exact appearance of their new shoes. It has 3 colors which are blue/red, purple/green and red/black. These colors are perfectly combined, the shoe laces color’s contrasting the shoes main color perfectly.

The said shoe collection will be available online this coming Dec. 12. Still no price has been said to its details. For me, I can say that this is the most colorful of basketball shoes I have ever seen. This will add more color to the jersey of those famous NBA stars. The shoes looks like that it will reflect even in the dark. A very timely collection because this season is the most colorful, so as these shoes. I think that these shoes doesn’t look good for basketball but also to match other outfit and use as fashionable shoes and can also wear by girls because its bright girly like colors. I’m sure that this collection will be a talk of the town, an addition to Adidas’ line of shoes.

Clock like an Karaoke Machine


Everyone’s loves to sing and most Asians do. That’s why karaoke machines are everywhere now, however, most of you wants to own one of it. Because it can bring joy to everyone and at the same time you can use it in any gathering like birthdays,weddings,reunion and etc… I may suggest you to check some karaoke machine at if you really wanted to buy your own set of karaoke because right now they’ll having a huge sale as an early Christmas treats for us all.

Also, if you dont have enough money to spend for the karaoke why not to have this clock instead which look like an karaoke..hahaha Alright, that’s it for now. Thanks!

MUSIUM DIV. x New Era Studded Cap Collection



Studs had been the trend almost this whole year round. And before it ends, there’s this addition to those studded fashion items. There’s this collaboration of two brands which are MUSIUM DIV. and New Era hats.

I am talking about their new collection of Studded Hats, baseball studded hats. From the plain design, they reinvented the look  by adding spike studs that looks sparkling especially when spotted by lights. We usually see those studs back then on those rock icon’s outfits and accessories. But almost the whole year this design is reinvented and almost seen on every clothes and accessories. The color of this hat is black and the studs are silver that compliments each other.

This collection comes in two designs, the one with 40 studs, and the other one is with 8 studs. The 8 studs looks simpler because these studs are placed below the front part of the hat, while the hat with 40 studs looks more striking because it uses the whole front space of the hat and it is more obvious an looks more metallic. The 40 studs costs approximately $193 USD and the one with 8 studs costs approximately $77 USD.

The collection will be released this coming 14th of December at MUSIUM DIV. retail locations. This designs of hats may look good to those k-pop superstars and to those Hollywood rapper and hip hop icons. And I can also imagine these caps worn by those dance crews to add the look on their costumes while joining any dance contest.

New Sidebar Video

As you can see I’ve already changed the old video on my sidebar which the performance video of the Kpop group called big bang but now, I’ve decided to take it down and put the wedding dress song of taeyang, though taeyang is one still member of big bang but I think, his song is perfectly to this blog because I got some wedding posts in here too..ehheh

The song wedding dress is written and produced by one of the leading kpop artists agency called YG entertaiment and I believe they’ve done the song with this ableton suite 8 instrument because I can hear it out on the song itself. I hope I am not wrong with it..ehhe Alright, that will be all for now.. Thanks!

Joyrich new collection?



Oh! this was the new collection of the brand joyrich? doesn’t know yet actually. I just found these photos online and yeah! they caught my attention that’s why they’re included in here now. Actually, when it comes to Asian brands the brand joyrich and swagger are the one leading to me because all of their pieces are great and can really pull you off whenever pieces it is.. That’s why maybe most of the international fashion icons today are used to have an pieces too on these brand names..

Also, Ive heard that joyrich is now working on their new designs called ball bearings. But again, I am not sure about the info I got, I’ll let you know the full details pretty soon as the brand, joyrich, confirms it already. Thanks!

The Importance of Preparing for the Microsoft Enterprise Voice & Online Services with Microsoft Lync Server 2013 Certification Exam

If a candidate is interested in taking Microsoft’s 70-337: Enterprise Voice & Online Services with Microsoft Lync Server 2013 certification exam in order to earn the Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE): Communication certification, they can choose to take the MS exam in a number of languages. Candidates can take the proctored exam in Brazilian Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, German, or Japanese. In order to make sure each candidate is prepared enough to take the exam in the language of their choice, Microsoft offers multiple test preparation possibilities for anyone taking the 70-337 exam.

Microsoft offers two training courses: 20337B: Enterprise Voice and Online Services with Microsoft Lync Server 2013 and 20337A: Enterprise Voice and Online Services with Microsoft Lync Server 2013. Each of these courses is five days long and offers a review of the type of subject material covered on the exam with a qualified instructorFor candidates who need a greater degree of flexibility in their exam preparation, the services of

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A Wedding Like No Other Indeed


Last November 25, 2012, Filipinos got shocked about the surprise wedding of Zoren Legaspi and Carmina Villaroel happened, I ,myself got shocked because at the news they said that this is a surprise for the bride, Carmina. Meaning she doesn’t even know that she’ll be walking the aisle and soon become Mrs. Zoren Legaspi. All she know that day is they will just have a shoot for an endorsement with their twins & her long time partner, Zoren Legaspi. Almost every Filipino got eager to know all the details about this wedding especially the girls, but we all need to wait for few days to watch the TV coverage of this event. Almost all girls turned green because of too much envy to Carmina Villaroel and dreaming of having a man like Zoren Legaspi and have a wedding like what they had.

Almost every girl now admires Zoren because of what he’d done to her long time partner, Carmina. Preparing for something like this is no joke, because it is very hard for him to keep secret because if only one person slips his tongue and said just a little information the the surprise it will be ruined. Good thing, Zoren has a good team & luck is in his side.    Carmina is really surprised because you can see it on her reaction on the big day, she’s crying most of the time on her wedding day, tears of happiness, for sure. Even their twins are so happy with what was happening that day. They enjoyed their participation as mobs.

This wedding serves as an inspiration to each and everyone. We may not find a man like Zoren who can give a surprise wedding, but for sure we will find a man that make our life worth living.

The Big Day


In our life we will find someone whom we want to spend our lifetime with. The love of our life, our destiny, the man or woman of our dreams, whatever you want to call it, it was all sounds very romantic. We are the luckiest if we find a person that fits with your personality, someone you can be with without any problem, all you have to do is be yourself and he or she can accept you no matter what.

And after knowing each other, maybe for some other it took a long time, but for some it just takes a while to decide to get married. Getting MARRIED, yes, you got it right. It may be the biggest event in each everyones lives. But we all know that wedding preparations are not as easy as we think. Lot’s of things need to be in mind. Where to held the wedding ceremony, the reception, the food, souvenirs, photography & video, pre-nuptial photoshoot, wedding dress, suit for the groom and so many things. But the good thing, life get’s simpler and easier for those who can afford to hire a Wedding Planner, a wedding planner is the one who will settle all of the bride and groom’s needs and wants to happen to their big day. Just by following the ideas of the couple.

And on the big day itself, the couple only need to do is to prepare their selves and enjoy the day that they will be no longer be saparated and will become each other’s. And they will start their lives as huband & wife.


Pre-Nuptial Photoshoot Theme


Wedding preparations nowadays did not only starts on the big day itself, almost every wedding now has a photoshoot for the couple or Pre-Nuptial shoot. This one becomes a trend on every wedding now. Back then, the only pre-nuptial photos that we’ve seen are the celebrities, but now almost every couple doing this kind of thing.

There are lots of theme that we are seeing now. Creative minds behind this photoshoots. Each theme has its own uniqueness, great ideas on every theme. My personal thought about this pre-nuptial photoshoot thing, I really like it. Because I am a self-proclaimed photo/picture lover. I love seeing myself on a photo, what more being with the man you are going to marry and spend the rest of your life. Enjoying every clicks and flash of the camera, pose like you had never done before. Maybe some men doesn’t like this thing because it is very awkward for them, but for some other reasons they just go with the flow because this is just once in a lifetime experience before the wedding.

The themes I’ve seen are so cute, there are vintage theme, high school theme, garden theme,underwater, sporty theme, above the mountain theme, and so on. The most common theme I’ve seen is the beach theme, maybe for some reasons most of the couples love to capture the beauty of it and the magical hour which is the sunset. Sunset, for me is really magical and you will fall in love with this. And it is a very romantic time especially when you are with the man of your life.

And kudos to those great photographers and their team who are doing their job very well.

The Wedding Bands


When time comes and I am going to choose a wedding ring, I will choose this one, a two-toned wedding ring, a white and gold combination. I am choosing this because I love gold, and white gold also. Let’s just make it easy, let’s not complicate life.

It is a very good color combination, it matches on other accessories you are wearing, either it is white or a gold color. This goes well if you are also wearing a two-toned watch. What I like the most about this two-toned wedding ring is its uniqueness, because the most common wedding ring I’ve seen on every weddings that I’ve been and seen everywhere are mostly gold colored or white gold colored one, this looks very plain for me (well, that’s just my opinion). Because I always prefer an extra ordinary things to be different in many aspects. But it does not mean it has to be an expensive one, the most important is the meaning of it and the person who will going to wear the other one.

One of the most important part of the wedding rings are the names engraved on it, the name of the person you are going to marry, and your name as well for for your partner. For me, it symbolizes that “You are mine” and “I am yours”. This will not be serves only as a fashion accessories but it symbolizes the married life you are in, this ring binds two hearts that are in-love with each other and a promise that you will be together for the rest of each others lives.