Eminem x Stussy ( Limited Edition )


Rapper artist, Eminem, had collaborated on the dope brand Stussy and as far as I know this was the tee they made, the photo on top, that Eminen used on his concert recently in Japan. But I am not yet sure on the info I gathered, so please let me verify it first. but one thing is for sure that this tee is an limited edition only and not to tend to sell worldwide. You may check online or google for more information about this tee and how you can avail it.

About the pricing details? as for now, I haven’t yet know the pricing of this tee. However, soon enough, the brand itself, Stussy, will released this on the market. Let’s all wait on their updates. Alright, that’s folks and have a great weekend to ya’ll..

Stussy Fall collection




When it comes to street wear fashion and brand. The leading for me was this great stussy brand. Because stussy has really got this swagness that can make you dope through their pieces and accessories. I dunno, I just find stussy that way. And I know most of you dudes and gels are the same way as much I do on the brand, right? I think, stussy is the most also hip on today’s fashion when it comes on their craft or line which the streetwear fashion.

On the photos on top. those are the new in that we could expect from the brand this coming ft all season. And I must say, these really proves that stussy is the most hip into all same label brands because look, all of these pieces are really good. I personally liked that white tee on on the first set of photo. I’ll let you know once I go it and will try to make a review out of it on this blog, sweeetposh.com.

Alright, that’s for now and will update you the brand stussy fall colletion pricing details by my next post. So – please, keep on checking me here. Thanks!

5 Dream Bands Every Bride Wishes to Have at Her Wedding

Booking a band is one of the many tasks that needs to be completed when planning a wedding. If you decide you want to have a band play live music at your wedding rather than hire a DJ, you’ll want to start looking early so you can have your choice of the best wedding bands available. Here are 5 bands you’ll want to check out for your wedding.

The Dexter Lake Club Band


Image via AisleDash

If you’re looking for a genuine rock band to play at your wedding, look no further than The Dexter Lake Club Band. Located in New York City, the band is a popular choice for weddings, and plays a mix of classic rock, ‘80s hits, early soul, and R&B. Their song list goes beyond the typical wedding songs as they work closely with their clients to come up with the perfect music for your reception. New York Magazine has named the band as, “One of their top 10 reasons to get married in New York.” You can’t go wrong when hiring this band to play at your wedding.

The Durell Coleman Band


Image via Santa Clarita City Briefs

If you’re looking for more of a disco style song-list at your wedding, The Durell Coleman Band is your best selection. Durell can provide you with more than great music. He can provide you with the best musicians, singers, and dancers to really get your reception going. You’ll get to work directly with Durell to make your wedding reception an event no one will forget.

Big City


Image via Big City Wedding Band

Big City is one of Boston’s greatest wedding bands, and plays at events across New England. For your wedding, Big City can provide a wonderful blend of music from big band to disco. Consisting of four vocalists and a vibrant horn and rhythm section, Big City will work closely with you to make your wedding an unforgettable event. Enjoy choosing from a playlist of over 1,000 songs that include Swing, Jazz, Big Band, Motown, Funk, Disco, Rock, Blues, Country, and Contemporary Dance.

Heartbeat Dance Band


Image via At Wedding Stars

If you’re looking for a little more rock and roll for your wedding, look no further than Heartbeat Dance Band. Located in the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut area, the band performs hits by classic rock bands such as AC/DC, Prince, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, and the Black Eyed Peas. If it’s dance that you want, then dance you shall have.



Image via JUNIOR’S BAND ORCHESTRA on Facebook

If you’re looking for less rock and roll and more salsa and spice, check out the Latin band Junior’s. Located in Miami, Florida, this family band covers classic hits from Eta James and Stevie Wonder, but in an upbeat way that will make you swear you’re listening to the Miami Sound Machine.

It would be great if you could get a popular band like The Who to perform at your wedding, but your probably better off buying The Who tickets to one of their concerts, instead of booking them for your wedding. Choose one of these great bands, and everyone will have a great time dancing at your wedding.