Easy Listening with Shure Headphones

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I love music and listen to all types. This is one way of relieving stress and is such a great form of recreation. I have several headphones but my favorite is my Shure headphones. Shure is the most trusted audio brand in the world and they also sell microphones, wireless systems and many other audio products. The best shure headphones can be bought at many stores and online shops. They come in various models with different features, all of them affordable. Their wide, padded headband provides ergonomic fit for superior comfort over extended periods. Shure has high quality that withstands the rigors of everyday use.

Alexander McQueen Dragonfly-Print Bomber


When we talk about high-end fashion brand. I think most of you would point out first the brand called Alexander McQueen because the brand is the leading brand today in the fashion industry. Recently, they’ve released their new elegant jacket that has a item name of Alexander McQueen Dragonfly-Print Bomber that has a price of £1,520.83 GBP (approximately $2,345 USD). Yeah! that’s how expensive the brand is.. I think, only celebs and well known persona who can able to avail this jacket here because it is not practical for us on the middle class to buy such amount for one piece..hehe

I might instead buy this cigar humidor that helps me distressed in away than to this expensive finds..ehhe But if you do have such budget to spend just go ahead and buy this because this can bring you to a fame. I am telling you! hehe

Lee Hi’s Rockin’ on pushBUTTON Dress



in 2012 AW Collection by pushBUTTON

Most of the Kpop fashion spotters had noticed this which the rookie artist named Lee Hi is wearing this cute pink dress from the brand pushBUTTON that we’ve been seen last year fashion show of the said brand in Paris if I am not mistaken. However, Lee Hi or her wardrobe team had did some alter on this dress because as you can see the bottom of the dress had became polka which not the one original dress.. I think, the wardrobe team is really working hard to dress this lovely girl here.

As for now, I haven’t know any details about this dress and even on the polka skirt they’ve been used to made this piece more look chic and fashionable for her. But I’ll try my very best to find out on where brand this polka skirt came from..:)

Kikwang’s rockin’ on Comme des Garçons Red Play Polo Shirt (White) £121.00


Kikwang of B2ST, KPOP Group..


Comme des Garçons Red Play Polo Shirt (White) £121.00

Most of you might know the brand Play. The brand is the most wear by most of celebrities today worldwide because it has this awesome designs and at the same time their materials using on each of their pieces are indeed in quality. That’s why most celebrity are crazing about the brand today..

Awhile ago when I was searching some fashion collection over the web. This photos had pop out on my way and I’ve been stumbled on this one kpop site that has these photos blogged up. At first I was hesitance to blog it too in here because I doesn’t know any further details about the shirt that Kikwang is wearing here but through Google ( thanks to Mr. G) I’ve found out that the tee is from the brand PLAY and has this item name of Comme des Garçons Red Play Polo Shirt. And it has a price of £121.00 that you may avail anywhere online and even to nearby Play stores.. Awesome,right? Yeah it is, if you do have that much bucks to spend just for s single piece of shirts..haha

Okay, that’s it for now and you’ll be expecting me to blog up more Kpop fashions here since I converted my blog theme into Kpop artists..haha Thanks so much and have a good time..:)

Primitive 2013 Spring Lookbook




One of the typical street fashion wears that I used to wear was this brand called Primitive. Because their graphic tees are really awesome that’s really make you dope. However, most of their tees materials are this non 100% cotton and I dunno what kind of clothe they were using to it in some of their tees. But all in all I’d liked their designs when it comes to their tees and bottoms.

Recently, the brand,Primitive, had released their new collection for this spring 2013 that you may see on the top photos. I must say, these new designer’s tees are indeed swag that I know most of the street fashion peeps out there are looking forward to have at least one pieces from this collection.

Okay,that’s it for now and will try to update you more soon.. Because I just got limited information about this Primitive 2013 Spring Lookbook. Thanks so much and have yourself a great weekend…


I used to like this song called ” I got a boy” by SNSD, a Korean group of singer or kpop, because this was my first to heard such awesome music which uses some great element to it like an tascam dr-40 sounds and this awesome retro electro sounds too. That’s why this music this really strong and awesome. I know most of the music enthusiasts out there are can really relate on what am trying to say in here..hehe Okay, that’s it for now and will blog some of the SNSD outfits by my next posts. Thanks!

Getting Some Tattoo Supplies for Home Use


“As a military man, We have tattoos. I truly do. I started getting tattoos at a young age, since we was all doing it. Stupid tattoos, ones I might regret easily let myself think that emotion, that i don’t. I don’t regret anything I do ever, that’s one among my life mottos. Anyhow, I grew up, and got out from the service, but kept getting tattoos. What’s funny, is when someone asks, I usually advise never to get one. Unless obviously you know what you want. Now, understanding what you want is a nice vague term. You can determine what you want on a whim, or you can know for years.

When my son, who was 25 during the time, asked me about tattoos, I said, Son, it’s a man’s own decision what he have to do and if you should get a tattoo. I told him it was his decision alone. Well, he or she must have been listening, while he and his buddies came over that week using a whole lot of tattoo kits, like children in a candy store. Part of me wanted to sit back and like the mistakes which were no doubt about to be made in my house, however also are aware that I could assist the boys out and demonstrate to them a thing or two in regards to the tattoo equipment they just brought into the home.

Where’d you obtain this stuff I said, and they told me about.http://www.thelashop.com. I tested the site and was impressed using the variety superiority the products at what gave the look of a reasonable price. But what can I know about cheap pricing, I’m an old man with stories and memories that will shock your pants next to. The last thing I’d like however is for your pants being off, since I’m a faithful man, faithful for the day I die to my dear wife. That’s my military man’s conviction. And I’d demonstrate where I tattooed her name on me, but which may shock your pants off. And again, not what I’m into. I gave the boys some lessons using the equipment and reported if they weren’t sure the things they wanted to maintain it small, and in places easily paid by clothing.”