Gourmet Footwear 2013 Holiday Collection

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Its been a while when I last updated this blog due with some sorts of deeds that I needed to attend with most of the time. So – please, bear with me here then most specially to all of my clients who done advertised with this site, sweeetposh.com. Anyway, I was again here to again update you all with these new in shoes from the brand Gourmet. I actually dont know the brand itself and its pieces released this past season collection. However though, I’d found their Gourmet Footwear 2013 Holiday Collection dope to blog here that’s why I’ve decided then to include them out here.

I am fascinated with the second kicks actually which one has this camo prints in it. Because look, it is indeed quirky and at the same time it was looking so trendy too for today’s fashion. Because usual brands are fondness off using camo for their each pieces and creations that’s means camo is the one big thing and trends today in the fashion industry..

Wants to know further details about these kicks and to Gourmet Footwear 2013 Holiday Collection itself? I suggest you then to check over the Gourmet’s main website for full details and the pricing details of these kicks. Because as for now, I haven’t yet know such details but it may surely updated it here once I got some times to do so… Thanks for understanding.. eheh πŸ™‚ have a great weekend to everyone!


Toontrack ez drummer

Ocassionally, I am also blogging up some music related post here. Because my readers are keeps on asking me to put so. So – yeah! I’ve decided to tackle about this toontrack ez drummer which everyone is aiming to have today. Because drums are one of the primary musical instruments that either kids want to have with. Buy your own one today at musiciansfriends.com because they running some great deals today due of the black Friday sales.hehe Happy thanksgiving to everyone.

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Trend: Shirt Basic

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When it comes with fashion. I think, the most comfortable and versatile pieces that we must have in our closet was these shirts basic ones. Because these are the shirts that we could be wear off everywhere and anytime. Shirt basic are often wears at summer times. However though, it can be also the main piece for your fall and winter styling. How to? just wear it off together with your blazers or coat and that’s it! you can have a great styling of outfit from it.

Actually, a lot of celebrities either some well know fashion forward peeps like bloggers and icons are fondness of having these type for finds. Because they can wear it all year around. And I suggest you to have these printed ones like the tees on the top photos. Because these ones are the most trendy and yet can be pair off in any pieces you may have on your closet. In short, the shirt basic is versatile enough that cant be abolish on your fashion styling.

I also suggesting you to take a look on this online shop called romwe.com where all of these finds are selling in very reasonable prices. Heads up now to the site and have your shirt basic today. πŸ™‚

And if you dont have an bucks to spend for this find. Let me teach you then on how you can make your old plain tees into printed on by watching the videos below:

Alright, that will be all for now and I hope you can still find this post informative on your end. And I hope you can keep on checking this blog for more tips and fashion news.

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