A Wedding Like No Other Indeed


Last November 25, 2012, Filipinos got shocked about the surprise wedding of Zoren Legaspi and Carmina Villaroel happened, I ,myself got shocked because at the news they said that this is a surprise for the bride, Carmina. Meaning she doesn’t even know that she’ll be walking the aisle and soon become Mrs. Zoren Legaspi. All she know that day is they will just have a shoot for an endorsement with their twins & her long time partner, Zoren Legaspi. Almost every Filipino got eager to know all the details about this wedding especially the girls, but we all need to wait for few days to watch the TV coverage of this event. Almost all girls turned green because of too much envy to Carmina Villaroel and dreaming of having a man like Zoren Legaspi and have a wedding like what they had.

Almost every girl now admires Zoren because of what he’d done to her long time partner, Carmina. Preparing for something like this is no joke, because it is very hard for him to keep secret because if only one person slips his tongue and said just a little information the the surprise it will be ruined. Good thing, Zoren has a good team & luck is in his side. ¬† ¬†Carmina is really surprised because you can see it on her reaction on the big day, she’s crying most of the time on her wedding day, tears of happiness, for sure. Even their twins are so happy with what was happening that day. They enjoyed their participation as mobs.

This wedding serves as an inspiration to each and everyone. We may not find a man like Zoren who can give a surprise wedding, but for sure we will find a man that make our life worth living.

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