Alexander McQueen Dragonfly-Print Bomber


When we talk about high-end fashion brand. I think most of you would point out first the brand called Alexander McQueen because the brand is the leading brand today in the fashion industry. Recently, they’ve released their new elegant jacket that has a item name of Alexander McQueen Dragonfly-Print Bomber that has a price of £1,520.83 GBP (approximately $2,345 USD). Yeah! that’s how expensive the brand is.. I think, only celebs and well known persona who can able to avail this jacket here because it is not practical for us on the middle class to buy such amount for one piece..hehe

I might instead buy this cigar humidor that helps me distressed in away than to this expensive finds..ehhe But if you do have such budget to spend just go ahead and buy this because this can bring you to a fame. I am telling you! hehe

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