Best Halloween Costume


August is indeed my month, because I got hired by one of the famous casino club here where I resides. And please dont get me wrong. This post isn’t about any casino and bingo post okay, but seriously, I got hired and I’m happy with it though I dont get my desire position which for being an poker dealer but at least they gave me this cage cashier which though I truly appreciate . And as I attended the company seminar rather orientation they been told that we were having some Halloween costume contest by the month of October which mandatory, meaning all of us employees are have to participate on the said contest. That’s why now, I was so damn tired on searching on to where I could find the best Halloween costume that can bring me the bucks..hehe anyway, I think, I need to look around online and they might this vampire costume selling.

By the way, our company is made of steel buildings, nope, I meant, the company building..ehhe which amazed me. No worries, Ill include some photos soon for you to see how awesome the building is.. Thanks!


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