Fashion Trends: High Low Skirts



Ive seen most girls wearing this kind of shirt here ( peeps called  it High Low Skirts ) I dunno if this the right term for this skirt, I just heard it over to someone talking about this new trends for girls fashion. Okay, whatever you may call it, doesn’t matter anyway, as long you’re updated on what’s hot and not around the fashion industry these days.

Actually, this shirts is been trends already way back time in some Asian countries like in Japan and South Korean, however, since peeps most especially girls are more into this Jpop and Kpop fashion, this kind of fashion has been spend out now not only in Asians but also in some western countries. Yeah! that’s how these guys ( KPOP & JPOP) influential even on fashion today.

You may check out you fave stores today. Because they might selling this kind of shirts already due of the demand and of course for being trends of this skirts today. Okay, that’s it for now and will try to update you more soon. Thanks!

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