Trends: Colored Blazers


What is the trends piece for this summer 2012? that you might use to in fall season? uh? there’s really an piece(s) like that? the answer is YES! look at this blazer or jacket coat on top, this is the great example of the pieces versatility because you may use them in all times not like to the other pieces wherein they just fixed on the certain season and days trends. Got what I mean here? I hope you do.

Actually, I dunno yet the brand of this kind of blazer here, however, you may check it by your own by heading on your fave stores or if you want the same brand as to the piece on the top photo. I suggest you to ask Google about it or better yet to comeback here for my update..:) alright, that’s it for now and I’ll try to update you some other informative one. Thanks!

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