Why Koreans are used to wear nerdy glasses?


When it comes to Korean fashion. One thing is noticeable on their fashion statements wherein this great geek looking through their nerdy glasses. Yeah! Koreans are used to wear this kind of glasses though they dont have any deficiency on their eyes at all. Its like they want to be looking geek and way quirky on their own fashion style. That’s why most of the people today are trying to be like this too. However, let me remind you, that not all trends or pieces whose looking great onto others are will be suited on you too well. You’ll have to reconsider your genes or own appearance before trying out or wearing anything pieces like this nerdy glasses.

Because you know, I’d often seen peeps wearing this and trying to be look like an Korean folks but they obviously fail due of the over exaggerated by potting things up together. Got what I meant here? I hope you do. Alright, that’s it for now and wait, one thing i suggest to those folks wanting themselves on this kind of fashion statements. Wherein, they must have this classy taste on their fashion and everything will be spice up on this kind of glasses, nerdy glasses. I’m telling it’ll work!

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