Safety Baby Bathing Tips

Bathing a baby is no easy task but there’re ways to make it easier and safer. Your baby is ready for a baby bathtub if his umbilical cord has already fallen off. Choose a bathtub that has a contoured design so that he won’t slide and don’t use a bath seat for this can tip over. Bathe him for two to three times a week but clean his face, neck, hands, and diaper area everyday. The water should be lukewarm and once it gets cold, bath time is over. Don’t use just any soap but one that’s made especially for babies. Avoid products with perfume or dyes because these will irritate the skin. Use a washcloth with water and a mild baby wash.

If your baby’s hair seems dirty, wet it down using a damp washcloth sans soap daily. You don’t have to put him in the tub. Once or twice a week, use baby soap or a drop of mild, tear-free newborn shampoo during his baths. If he has cradle cap (scaly patches on the scalp), use a soft bristled baby brush while shampooing to remove the scales. Have everything you need within reach like soap, shampoo, diaper, towel, clothes before starting so that you can hold your baby on one hand at all times. Wrap your baby in a towel immediately once bathing is done and dry her thoroughly.

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