MUSIUM DIV. x New Era Studded Cap Collection



Studs had been the trend almost this whole year round. And before it ends, there’s this addition to those studded fashion items. There’s this collaboration of two brands which are MUSIUM DIV. and New Era hats.

I am talking about their new collection of Studded Hats, baseball studded hats. From the plain design, they reinvented the look  by adding spike studs that looks sparkling especially when spotted by lights. We usually see those studs back then on those rock icon’s outfits and accessories. But almost the whole year this design is reinvented and almost seen on every clothes and accessories. The color of this hat is black and the studs are silver that compliments each other.

This collection comes in two designs, the one with 40 studs, and the other one is with 8 studs. The 8 studs looks simpler because these studs are placed below the front part of the hat, while the hat with 40 studs looks more striking because it uses the whole front space of the hat and it is more obvious an looks more metallic. The 40 studs costs approximately $193 USD and the one with 8 studs costs approximately $77 USD.

The collection will be released this coming 14th of December at MUSIUM DIV. retail locations. This designs of hats may look good to those k-pop superstars and to those Hollywood rapper and hip hop icons. And I can also imagine these caps worn by those dance crews to add the look on their costumes while joining any dance contest.

Eminem x Stussy ( Limited Edition )


Rapper artist, Eminem, had collaborated on the dope brand Stussy and as far as I know this was the tee they made, the photo on top, that Eminen used on his concert recently in Japan. But I am not yet sure on the info I gathered, so please let me verify it first. but one thing is for sure that this tee is an limited edition only and not to tend to sell worldwide. You may check online or google for more information about this tee and how you can avail it.

About the pricing details? as for now, I haven’t yet know the pricing of this tee. However, soon enough, the brand itself, Stussy, will released this on the market. Let’s all wait on their updates. Alright, that’s folks and have a great weekend to ya’ll..

A Dress made of real flowers


While I was searching some interesting finds over the web awhile ago. I just stumbled on this site wherein they did have this made of real flower dress blogged up. Honestly, at first, I really cant believe it because how can be a flowers to be form into dress like the dress on the top photo. But as I read the blog post, I actually realized that it can really be as long do you have this creativeness on your mind and everything will be possible.

Who wants to be get married? I know most of you pretty gels wants it happened soon. Because we had this all dreamt that we can wear our own wedding dress on this specially occasion,right? so – I suggest, why we dont make our wedding day an extra specially and way different than to the usual ceremony? by just wearing an nice made of flower dress like this one? i think, it is pretty a nice concept, right? because no one done it before yet… Hmmm.. Let me think it though.. LOL quite sometimes I was thinking some nutshell ideas..hahah

Okay, that’s it for now and I hope I can keep on updating you some fashion related news on this blog. Also, keep on supporting me here by often checking my latest posts. Thanks!

Fashionable Finds at Clozette


When I found out about, I immediately signed up right away. I’m very much into fashion and anything nice and I know this is where I can explore my fashionable and creative side. It’s totally free to sign up and very easy to register in. There’s a dozen things you can do in this site that’s totally enjoyable. Clozette is the social networking site for every fashion conscious person. Here you can meet other people who have the same interests as yours.


Download it here:

One of the features I love about this site is the Clozette Fashion Finds App. It’s accessible in iTunes. Just open iTunes and then download the application for free. Also, I encourage you to sign up on the site too,, because you could find all the trends pieces there that can help to avoid yourself for being a fashion victim as you updated on what’s hot and not on the fashion industry today. If you done the apps installed, you may then share easily on what’s on your closet list going on the Clozette community site which the most convenient for all of us. Because we dont have to open our home computer just to update because through your own smartphone you can definitely share what you have and even to see other member’s finds. Great,right?


Jeffrey Campbell Shoes Women’s The ‘Foxy Spike’ in Black Silver

Look, what Ive found on the Clozette shoppe channel, they do have some lovely heels there that I know most of you will look forward to have. Actually, I’m getting crazed on their shoppe section already and this Jeffrey Campbell heels indeed hooked me up..hehe you may buy this of just only USD 174.95 over this link: .. Such a lovely studded heels. I loved it!

This is only the tip of the iceberg. There’s so many more you can do at Clozette. If you are a business minded person, you can create a store for free and definitely you’ll get to earn a lot since Clozette has a lot of members. Your free online store will showcase your products. If you have a lot of really nice clothes and accessories, you can show those off here in Clozette. But most of all you can shop. The site’s Bazaar page section is simply awesome. All the things you’re looking for you’ll surely find there. The marketplace is full of to-die-for items. They have sexy dresses, trendy tops and bottoms, cute bags and shoes, and chic accessories. I’ve already shopped for a couple of beautiful tops in Clozette and planning to buy more.

Join the Clozette community today and start making your own store and even to learn on other members fashion styles.


Dara x Ksubi Skeleton Sunglasses


PhotobucketSkeleton Sunglasses by KSUBI

I know most of you folks were asking on what brand of sunglasses that Dara, 2ne1 member, worn on this photo? oh well, its from the Parisian brand called Ksubi. We all know that Ksubi is more on high-end pieces because they’ve been originated in Paris. And yeah! as you a brand located or originated in any European territories. I think, you must to produce some high-end finds because a lot of giant companies and competitors are keep on producing some great pieces when it comes to fashion today.

Anyway, Dara is wearing an Ksubi Skeleton Sunglasses that had been created some noised over the web because fashion enthusiasts most especially those K-pop followers are often asking and searching on what’s the brand of this dope sunglasses that’s indeed quirky and way different than to the other usual sunglasses today. So – yeah folks, you can check on the Ksubi website regarding this and you can also buy this in any retail sunglasses online. Thanks!

Ocean Inspired Accessories For Your Wedding





Roaming in the web is the one of my daily routines. Because I needed to to find some pieces or any fashion news that I’ll be posting out to this blog for updates. Anyway, awhile ago I found these awesome accessories that can make your wedding day quirky and uniquely. Because of these way different accessories that can rocking you as you walk in the aisle, why I tell that so? well, as you can see, these accessories that I was telling you, photos on top, are had these great concept that no one can thought that these jewelry are can be in the wedding further. hahahaah Yeah! they can be, just as for your wedding planner about these, because I know, there’s numerous of couples already that had these ocean inspired concepts and had these pieces as a bride’s jewelry. Will update some photos as I found it online.

These accessories are from the brand lollipop if I dont mistaken, just check online about it.. Alright, that’s if for now and will update you again later today about other fashion stuff…hehe

Plaid shirt


For guys, today, plaid shirt is the one in trends for men’s fashion. Because plaid has this great fabric as its main material that can give comfortable feeling especially today as you got the summer season. Actually, this plaid shirts was then already trends last year 2011 summer season, If I dont mistaken it, because as Ive said, plaid is way comfortably than having your self some long sleeves shirts.

There were a lot of kind of plain shirts. There’s this half sleeves one and there’s also an short sleeves,however, I preffered that long one. Because you can actually fold it up to make it half and short sleeves one..hehhe

So – yeah, plaid are still trends these day.. Have your own today by visiting your fave brand stores.. Thanks!

Topics you should expect to be blogged out on this site?


Sicnce I was the new owner of this awesome blog. I really wanted you to be enjoy on what things or topics you should read on this blog. Hmm, That’s why maybe I made this page or post up to give you a peak on what topics would you expect me to write and post about.

Well, i loved fashion and anything in between the topic. Because in fashion there were a lot of happenings that can really makes us happy. One thing was this new apparel line or clothes that can make us dope and stunning as you wears them, and also, as you blog about fashion, I think, all topics will be suits to the blog theme. Believed me, I tested it already. And in regards by making money out of your blog, again, fashion blog is a great way to start. Because a lot of online stores out there who’re be willing to advertise you and got some real money out of it.. Alright, I’m talking to much here now. I just supposedly tackle on what topics should i write,right? LOL

Anyway, Here the topics you could see soonest, as this blog is fully developed.

* Kpop fashion – kpop fashion is the easiest and fun to blog and also, its gaining a lot of traffic, I think so..

* General Fashion – Meaning, all fashion are included, like – brand collections, new apparel lines,brands, accessories, fashion news and so on..

* Wedding – wedding is also in fashion. Because wedding nowadays are had these accessories and pieces that are often seen into the fashion industry. You’ll got what I meant by my next posts, promise…LOL

*Diamond rings – Of course, not only clothes are can be seen to this blog but also some jewelry that are tremendously wanted by the fashion enthusiasts today..

*Discounts, Sales & coupon codes – Of course, as I run this fashion blog. I know soonest, some companies will offers some discounted codes that my readers can use to as they wanted to buy some stuff over online shops. And will blog about this soon too..

Actually, I really have a bunch of ideas on this blog to be put in, however, I cant write them out all here at once because I might get 5 days here by just writing all of those.. Just check me often for more information and soon, I might run too, some great giveaways.. 🙂