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A wedding is a wonderful event meant to be remembered forever. But planning one can really be stressful. Naturally you want everything to be perfect so every little detail must be carefully thought of such as the wedding gown, wedding ring, venue, reception, food, invitations, flowers, giveaways and a lot more. You can hire the services of a wedding planner but if you cannot afford one, then you can always search the internet for ways to make it easier for you.

Everything about the wedding depends on the budget. If you have an unlimited budget, then you are lucky to indulge yourself and have the most expensive wedding ring there is. Otherwise, there are many online shops selling cheap wedding rings that look quite exquisite. You just have to pick a style that is timeless and totally fits your personality. In, there are so many to choose from. This is an unconventional way of shopping not just for wedding rings but also for earrings, pendants, bracelets, and wedding sets. Get to buy high quality items at great prices and with a price guarantee.

Furthermore, has a highly efficient and reliable customer service staff that is willing to help with any problem you may have. Aside from that, they have a free appraisal service and life time warranty. The store offers free shipping to all customers in the US and low shipping rates for international buyers. On top of that, they have many payment methods including all major credit cards, PayPal, money orders, bank wire transfers, and personal checks.

A Wedding Like No Other Indeed


Last November 25, 2012, Filipinos got shocked about the surprise wedding of Zoren Legaspi and Carmina Villaroel happened, I ,myself got shocked because at the news they said that this is a surprise for the bride, Carmina. Meaning she doesn’t even know that she’ll be walking the aisle and soon become Mrs. Zoren Legaspi. All she know that day is they will just have a shoot for an endorsement with their twins & her long time partner, Zoren Legaspi. Almost every Filipino got eager to know all the details about this wedding especially the girls, but we all need to wait for few days to watch the TV coverage of this event. Almost all girls turned green because of too much envy to Carmina Villaroel and dreaming of having a man like Zoren Legaspi and have a wedding like what they had.

Almost every girl now admires Zoren because of what he’d done to her long time partner, Carmina. Preparing for something like this is no joke, because it is very hard for him to keep secret because if only one person slips his tongue and said just a little information the the surprise it will be ruined. Good thing, Zoren has a good team & luck is in his side.    Carmina is really surprised because you can see it on her reaction on the big day, she’s crying most of the time on her wedding day, tears of happiness, for sure. Even their twins are so happy with what was happening that day. They enjoyed their participation as mobs.

This wedding serves as an inspiration to each and everyone. We may not find a man like Zoren who can give a surprise wedding, but for sure we will find a man that make our life worth living.

The Wedding Bands


When time comes and I am going to choose a wedding ring, I will choose this one, a two-toned wedding ring, a white and gold combination. I am choosing this because I love gold, and white gold also. Let’s just make it easy, let’s not complicate life.

It is a very good color combination, it matches on other accessories you are wearing, either it is white or a gold color. This goes well if you are also wearing a two-toned watch. What I like the most about this two-toned wedding ring is its uniqueness, because the most common wedding ring I’ve seen on every weddings that I’ve been and seen everywhere are mostly gold colored or white gold colored one, this looks very plain for me (well, that’s just my opinion). Because I always prefer an extra ordinary things to be different in many aspects. But it does not mean it has to be an expensive one, the most important is the meaning of it and the person who will going to wear the other one.

One of the most important part of the wedding rings are the names engraved on it, the name of the person you are going to marry, and your name as well for for your partner. For me, it symbolizes that “You are mine” and “I am yours”. This will not be serves only as a fashion accessories but it symbolizes the married life you are in, this ring binds two hearts that are in-love with each other and a promise that you will be together for the rest of each others lives.

Awesome Jewelries


When it comes to fashion today. Jewelries are the most demand one. Why? because these pieces can spice up your total outfit and at the same time it can also bring an elegant appeals to your end, got what I meant? I hope you will. Also, these jewelry are usual made of expensive diamonds, golds, gems, stones and even to double slipper clawfoot tub quite some times. But all in all, jewelry are the most trends on today’s fashion..

The Perfect White Gold Wedding Band


It’s probably every woman’s dream to get engaged and eventually get married. It certainly is something unforgettable and meant to be cherished for the rest of your life. That is why it’s very essential to get the perfect wedding band. This symbolizes a couple’s life long commitment to one another and represents the love that they feel for each other. Since this is a very important aspect of the wedding, the bride and groom should choose their wedding bands carefully. They should think over many times what they want and make sure that it goes well with their personalities and taste.

I’m sure that brides don’t ever want to regret buying their wedding rings. Among the most popularly used designer wedding rings is a white gold wedding band. White gold is a type of precious metal that has a shiny white look. Most couples want this metal compared to yellow gold. There are actually a couple of reasons why they prefer white gold wedding bands. They’re cheaper than yellow gold but looks more stylish, elegant, and modern. They also have a good appraisal and market value and look clean and sharp. Furthermore, they are cheaper than platinum bands so it’s ideal for budget conscious couples.

You can do a lot of things with white gold wedding bands. They are very versatile. All the decisions pertaining to the design and style will depend on the couple. The possibilities are quite endless though. If you don’t have much money you can opt for a plain wedding band. There’s also the option of having your names engraved inside. For couples who have a bigger budget, they can have two toned white bands with diamonds and other gemstones in it (maybe their birthstones). For a tri-color effect, they can mix the white gold with bronze and gold.

A lot of preparation is needed when choosing the right wedding ring. Oftentimes, it is stressful. Couples should shop together so that they will pick the style and design they want and at the same time have their rings fitted. They should also keep their budget in mind and find something that will just be right for them. Finally, find an accredited and reputable jeweler online or ask family and friends for referrals.

Fashionable Finds at Clozette


When I found out about, I immediately signed up right away. I’m very much into fashion and anything nice and I know this is where I can explore my fashionable and creative side. It’s totally free to sign up and very easy to register in. There’s a dozen things you can do in this site that’s totally enjoyable. Clozette is the social networking site for every fashion conscious person. Here you can meet other people who have the same interests as yours.


Download it here:

One of the features I love about this site is the Clozette Fashion Finds App. It’s accessible in iTunes. Just open iTunes and then download the application for free. Also, I encourage you to sign up on the site too,, because you could find all the trends pieces there that can help to avoid yourself for being a fashion victim as you updated on what’s hot and not on the fashion industry today. If you done the apps installed, you may then share easily on what’s on your closet list going on the Clozette community site which the most convenient for all of us. Because we dont have to open our home computer just to update because through your own smartphone you can definitely share what you have and even to see other member’s finds. Great,right?


Jeffrey Campbell Shoes Women’s The ‘Foxy Spike’ in Black Silver

Look, what Ive found on the Clozette shoppe channel, they do have some lovely heels there that I know most of you will look forward to have. Actually, I’m getting crazed on their shoppe section already and this Jeffrey Campbell heels indeed hooked me up..hehe you may buy this of just only USD 174.95 over this link: .. Such a lovely studded heels. I loved it!

This is only the tip of the iceberg. There’s so many more you can do at Clozette. If you are a business minded person, you can create a store for free and definitely you’ll get to earn a lot since Clozette has a lot of members. Your free online store will showcase your products. If you have a lot of really nice clothes and accessories, you can show those off here in Clozette. But most of all you can shop. The site’s Bazaar page section is simply awesome. All the things you’re looking for you’ll surely find there. The marketplace is full of to-die-for items. They have sexy dresses, trendy tops and bottoms, cute bags and shoes, and chic accessories. I’ve already shopped for a couple of beautiful tops in Clozette and planning to buy more.

Join the Clozette community today and start making your own store and even to learn on other members fashion styles.


Double Rings?


I just found this awesome that’s why I includes this style of ring (double) here. Actually, I dunno the right term for this kind of ring. i just simply wanted to include it out here since I were also into wedding related topics too. Anyway, what do you think about this ring? dope to have or nope? On my opinion. These rings are the perfect one as you seeking for rings for your wedding because it is 2 ring in one. And the value might also high too which practical in away because diamond rings are increasing value by each time comes. That’s what I know.

By the way, have you checked the site already? if not so, please do check it now. Because there’s a lot of great deals that you could get in too on this site. alright, that’s it for now. Thanks so much!

Flaunt Around With Cartier Replica Santos Watches


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Try to buy these products from the industry as it has a wide range of new styles and you would be able to define out Cartier Replica Santos designs for yourself. Furthermore, if you still have concerns then you can ask, as we would like to intricate anything to you about these timepieces. Wear only replica designer watches and flaunt around endlessly with styles.

Custom Jewelry




How many of you guys have dreamed of creating your own jewelry but are hesitant because most custom jewelers today are looking to bang you over the head with unbelievable, out of control prices?

I’m here to tell you that TraxNYC is one of the very few custom jewelers out that are known not only for their top of the line quality but their incomparable prices. TraxNYC is labeled, by their customers, as one of the best custom jewelers around. Their custom jewelry team is constantly working around the clock to bring you some of the most fascinating work you will probably ever see.

This elaborate (to say the least) angel ring is a work-in-progress. Once completed, this ring is going to be unlike any ring you have ever seen – 18k yellow gold with a 4.00 carat amethyst in the center that is surrounded by sapphires and emeralds. The work that is being done on this ring is incredibly intricate as you can see from the detailing.

This is just one of the many custom jewelry orders that are currently being worked on. To check out some of TraxNYC’s other pieces as well as past custom orders, check out

Designer Jewelry’s Popularity Rises with the Summer Heat


As summer temperatures heat up around the U.S.A., Natalie K has discovered that designer jewelry’s popularity has only continued to rise. Women who love designer jewelry for its style, affordable elegance and high quality return again and again to add to their designer jewelry collections. And women who’ve never before owned designer jewelry have become curious, buying their first (and second…and third!) pieces of fine designer jewelry to compliment their wardrobes. Discovering its easier than ever to look stylish, contemporary and follow fashion’s trends…all with a love for designer jewelry. And when you are looking for the very best in designer jewelry, the savvy woman turns to Natalie K..


Women today realize that designer jewelry affords them high quality and the ability to wear jewelry pieces again and again. There’s minimal worry about pieces needing unnecessary repairs or upkeep. With high quality designer jewelry like Natalie K, your designer jewelry has been created to be worn regularly and enjoyed repeatedly. Instead of buying jewelry created with poor craftsmanship or shoddy materials, designer jewelry has been made to withstand the tests of time.



Rings are one of the most popular accessory trends now and women know they can update their look, adding one or multiple rings to their outfit. A few Natalie K rings easily enhances any daytime or evening wardrobe and lets every woman stretch her fashion looks just a bit further. Accessories, whether a woman chooses trendy, contemporary, vintage or the totally unique can be the perfect way to accent her wardrobe – and jewelry rings are an ideal way to accessorize.


What woman wouldn’t want to “accessorize” with designer wedding rings? Saying “I do” to that special man is an exciting moment in your life, and choosing designer jewelry is the ideal choice for this jewelry purchase. Natalie K offers high quality, fashion forward and stylish designer wedding rings ideal for today’s woman. Find that engagement or wedding ring you know every woman will admire in that Natalie K collection.


When buying diamond rings every couple must think about this purchase as a long term commitment. By choosing Natalie K diamond rings, you’ve found high quality, elegance and style for your diamond ring purchase. Your Natalie K diamond ring will be there from your very first moment, and then ready to pass on to generations as a timeless legacy of your love. That’s the mark of high quality and artisan craftsmanship of designer jewelry by Natalie K.