Loose Diamond Ring For Your Wedding


When it comes to accessories today. There’s a lot of new pieces that we could choose from with, there’s this neck chain, body chains, bling blings, and these awesome rings. However, I think,rings nowadays are often used with some important events or gatherings like, weddings and engagements parties, not in away of accessorize your dope street fashion statement.

Rings are trends these days, and they’re also invading the fashion industry today. Because these rings are the most talked about and well demand today in the world of fashion and into wedding related things. So – what are the rings are trends and often considered by the couple as they’re taking their each vows? alright, check my list below on what kind of rings that you should have that can make your partner feel special as she haves it.

1. Oval loose diamonds – yeah these oval loose diamond rings are the most common one. Because jeweler are used to have this on their stores due of the demand of the people and at the same because of the reasonable prices of this loose diamond on the world market.

2. White diamond rings – these are the rare one. though diamonds are usual white, but this white diamond one was really a clear stone one that are though to see in the market today.

3. Ruby rings – these rings are used to use in the vintage wedding type, or the oldest people, because ruby stones is includes to the vintage way of wedding.

4. Heart shape diamond – This was the last type of ring that couples are use to have on their wedding. Because this kind of ring are indeed pricey due of the shape of the diamond.

S0 – overall, I suggest you to have the loose diamond ring on your wedding and even as your engagement ring. Because this really reasonable and still, it has a great value that can be great source of investment to. For more info, try to diamonds search yourself to for you to find out. 🙂

De Beers: Truly World Class


I think that most if not all women love diamonds. As the saying goes, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. But not all, actually only a few, can afford to buy diamonds especially the high quality types that De Beers manufacture. Well known in the jewelry world, the De Beers history is quite interesting. Two African farmers discovered diamonds in their farm but sold it to Cecil Rhodes. Along with her partner Charles Rudd, they merged with a mining corporation named Barnato Mining Company and became De Beers Consolidated Mines Limited in 1888. De Beers has also in recent years merged with Louis Vuitton and Moet Hennessey.

Although De Beers may be the largest producer of diamonds, it is not without troubles. There are lawsuits against the company because many say that they are monopolizing the diamond industry. Thus, most of the profit goes to them. They control diamond prices and mislead the market. In 2008, they had a lawsuit called the De Beers Class Action wherein they offered $295 million as settlement.


De Beers diamond mining is one reason why the company is the largest producer of diamonds in the world. De Beers mining methods or expertise is quite unparalleled. De Beers has mines in Namibia, Botswana, Canada and South Africa. De Beers has several mining methods being used like Alluvial Mining, Marine Mining, Open-Pit Mining, and Underground Mining which has many methods but the most often used is the mechanised Blast Hole Open Stoping (BHOS).

There is also a controversy in the diamond industry concerning blood diamonds which started wars in at least three African countries. It is said that De Beers is involved but they have denied the rumors. CNN has defined De Beers blood diamonds as “conflict diamonds which originate from Africa controlled by forces fighting the legitimate and internationally recognized government of the relevant country”. De Beers has said that they get their diamonds legally.

Being the largest producer of diamonds in the world, De Beers employs more than 13,000 people in more than 20 countries. De Beers careers include those in retail specifically jewelry professionals, as well as careers in trading, human resources, engineering, administration, public relations, manufacturing, and maintenance.

For more info about the De Beers diamonds, Please check : www.debeersrings.com

Stunning Engagement Rings


One of the happiest if not the happiest day in a woman’s life is her engagement day. I know that not all marriages succeed but nevertheless when a man asks a woman to marry him it certainly is something that she’ll remember for the rest of her life whatever the outcome of the marriage is. To mark this momentous occasion it’s only fitting that there’s an engagement ring that would leave any person breathless upon seeing it. There are different styles of engagement rings. For one, it doesn’t have to be too expensive. It all actually depends on the preference of the bride-to-be.

Designer engagement rings would probably be the choice of the rich and famous. Most but not all designer engagement rings are expensive. The ones with diamonds and other precious stones are definitely pricey but those that don’t have diamonds or only have semi precious stones are more affordable. Examples of which are gold or sterling silver plain wedding bands. You should do a lot of research on the designer engagement ring that you like and fits your personality. An important factor to consider is of course your budget.

Among the most famous designer engagement rings is the Cartier Designer Rings. Cartier has been manufacturing engagement rings for decades. When I think of an engagement ring, what I instantly think about is the classic solitaire ring. It’s simple yet elegant. You can wear it anywhere, in any occasion. Cartier has always been known to be a luxury brand and they use only high quality diamonds. If you’re a celebrity or from the royalty, your choice is probably Cartier. This engagement ring has plenty of designs to choose from.

Another popular brand of engagement ring is the Tacori Engagement Ring. They were first established in 1969 by Haig Tacorian. The family business expanded and became more popular throughout the years. Tacori engagement rings have different designs that range from the simple to the more intricate. One design has a center diamond with pave set diamonds surrounding it. There’s also the symbolic Tacori engagement ring which has criss-crossed bands with a center diamond.

To complement your beautiful engagement ring, there should be an equally stunning wedding dress. If you have a lot of money and want to be super fabulous in your wedding day, designer wedding dresses are a must. Your designer wedding dress doesn’t have to be too bold or flashy, it can be simple yet elegant. Again, it all depends on your taste. The more popular designers that we know today are Vera Wang and Monique Lhuillier. Most celebrities hire them to make their wedding dresses. Most women would probably want to be rich if only for the mere reason of having an engagement ring that’s both extravagant and expensive. Since celebrities are always in the limelight, when they get engaged the first thing that people are curious about is their engagement rings. Celebrity engagement rings are expensive ranging from thousands to millions of dollars just like Beyonce’s ring which costs $5 million.

For more further details, please visit www.designer-engagementrings.org

Stunning Engagement Rings

Animal Inspired Diamond Rings




Since this blog, sweeetposh.com, is also tackling some diamond rings and jewelry, I think, it is still suits for this to include these awesome animal inspired diamond rings that I found online. Actaully, liked what I’ve always saying on this blog, that I used to blog some unique pieces and anything quirky to this blog. Because fashion is all about being unique and to its own character. That’s why I am so pleased then to include these awesome pieces on this fashion blog.

These rings are mainly made of gold and diamonds, and its has an pearl touched to it. Btw, I forgot where these jewelries are came from and how much they’ll cost you, however, soon I got to know, of course, I will update you again on this site. Please do check me often for more fashion and jewelry updates… Thanks a lot!

Diamond Earrings


As we said diamond, I know most of you will preferred with diamond rings, right? because diamond are always formed as rings due of the demand of it through these people who were planning to get engaged with and even married. However, due of the fashion  thing, the diamond stones are can be part also in some fashion pieces, like in dresses, shoes and such other. Because diamond is valuable and having it to these pieces in fashion are, in away, can get the pieces valued too.. Got what I meant? I hope you do.

Today, Ive seen a lot of diamond earrings in the market. And they’re all look so stunning and pricey that most people wont consider to their budget, however, they’re still some high quality diamond earrings but yet its reasonable that you may use on your wedding day, simple day, and even to rocking any event nights. It is a matter of how to find these cheap one. And I suggest you to take a look over online. Because in online, a lot of seller are selling these diamond things in very reasonable and cheap that most other will consider. 🙂

Partner’s Ring


When it comes to accessories today. Not only necklaces bling bling, bracelets, headband and so on are the one can be on this category, but also these some pieces or jewelries that are might be use in your signified other. Yeah! things like ring are can be a symbol of love, however, there’s an proper or right ring(s) that you may use on based on your relation status and such matters.

What are the rings of love?

Partner rings – These are the rings that can be use of 2 lovely couple that are in the puppy love thing.

Couple rings – These rings are can be wear by those two opposite if they are in the relationship which matured enough for puppy love. Most likely these are the couple within the age of 20’s

Wedding rings – So these kind of rings are  the most special above all mentioned rings. Because this ring is the eternal ring that can bond your each other forever..

So – right, that’s it for now and will blog some other kind of rings soon that you may see on my wedding category.. Thnaks!

Topics you should expect to be blogged out on this site?


Sicnce I was the new owner of this awesome blog. I really wanted you to be enjoy on what things or topics you should read on this blog. Hmm, That’s why maybe I made this page or post up to give you a peak on what topics would you expect me to write and post about.

Well, i loved fashion and anything in between the topic. Because in fashion there were a lot of happenings that can really makes us happy. One thing was this new apparel line or clothes that can make us dope and stunning as you wears them, and also, as you blog about fashion, I think, all topics will be suits to the blog theme. Believed me, I tested it already. And in regards by making money out of your blog, again, fashion blog is a great way to start. Because a lot of online stores out there who’re be willing to advertise you and got some real money out of it.. Alright, I’m talking to much here now. I just supposedly tackle on what topics should i write,right? LOL

Anyway, Here the topics you could see soonest, as this blog is fully developed.

* Kpop fashion – kpop fashion is the easiest and fun to blog and also, its gaining a lot of traffic, I think so..

* General Fashion – Meaning, all fashion are included, like – brand collections, new apparel lines,brands, accessories, fashion news and so on..

* Wedding – wedding is also in fashion. Because wedding nowadays are had these accessories and pieces that are often seen into the fashion industry. You’ll got what I meant by my next posts, promise…LOL

*Diamond rings – Of course, not only clothes are can be seen to this blog but also some jewelry that are tremendously wanted by the fashion enthusiasts today..

*Discounts, Sales & coupon codes – Of course, as I run this fashion blog. I know soonest, some companies will offers some discounted codes that my readers can use to as they wanted to buy some stuff over online shops. And will blog about this soon too..

Actually, I really have a bunch of ideas on this blog to be put in, however, I cant write them out all here at once because I might get 5 days here by just writing all of those.. Just check me often for more information and soon, I might run too, some great giveaways.. 🙂