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Being an music enthusiast is not enough for you to learn all things inside the music industry today. Because you have to learn some technical stuff too like on how to set up the guitar into speaker and on how you can  have this behringer mixers at guitar center in reasonable price. Yeah! you can buy mixers in reasonable price by using an coupon code. Just Google on how does the coupon codes works.


Trend: Shirt Basic

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When it comes with fashion. I think, the most comfortable and versatile pieces that we must have in our closet was these shirts basic ones. Because these are the shirts that we could be wear off everywhere and anytime. Shirt basic are often wears at summer times. However though, it can be also the main piece for your fall and winter styling. How to? just wear it off together with your blazers or coat and that’s it! you can have a great styling of outfit from it.

Actually, a lot of celebrities either some well know fashion forward peeps like bloggers and icons are fondness of having these type for finds. Because they can wear it all year around. And I suggest you to have these printed ones like the tees on the top photos. Because these ones are the most trendy and yet can be pair off in any pieces you may have on your closet. In short, the shirt basic is versatile enough that cant be abolish on your fashion styling.

I also suggesting you to take a look on this online shop called where all of these finds are selling in very reasonable prices. Heads up now to the site and have your shirt basic today. 🙂

And if you dont have an bucks to spend for this find. Let me teach you then on how you can make your old plain tees into printed on by watching the videos below:

Alright, that will be all for now and I hope you can still find this post informative on your end. And I hope you can keep on checking this blog for more tips and fashion news.

Lee oskar replacement reeds minor at m123

You all know that lately I engaged myself into music. Because music really keeps on going on what should id be doing today. I’ll explain further about it by next post, so I hope you’ll keep checking this site for the update. Anyway, recently I’ve stumbled on this site called where all musical instruments were selling on at the very affordable prices you can check the site for yourself to see on how awesome their site is..

They are selling different types of guitars and accessories, classic musical instruments like cello, piano, violin and sorts of. They did have this lee oskar replacement reeds minor at m123 which I know most of you my readers are looking forward to, right? so please do check them now today and have your things on to them. 🙂


Style: Military Inspired Outfit

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I’m lazy actually doing some write up and posts over my sites lately. Because I just got ill these past few weeks ago and I dont feel myself better yet until this time. Anyway though, I am still trying to update this site even with this simply finds or styling photo that I’ve seen over my Facebook feed this morning. I actually pretty amazed with it because even camo or military uniform are can be turn in to great girl’s fashion finds which I found really dope and chic.

I’ve already seen these kind of pieces before from the other high-end brands but I dont see to it that time that these military inspired fashion are became so hit as early as today. I think, fashion moves so quickly these days than before of our parent’s times. Okay, that will be all for now and I hope you’ll keep on checking this blog for more fashion updates and news. 🙂

Excellent philosopher king

As the month of November started. I wanted myself too, to learn new things like new musical instrument to learn with. But I am kinda hesitant though to do so because I needed still to developed my knowledge for the guitar but am already pleased off to have this excellent philosopher king which I know is pretty fun to learn and eventually play it. What do you think guys? let me decide please by leaving your thoughts down below at the comment box. Thank you!

Wrong hairstyles could leave you bald

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Another study has discovered that the way you style your hair, plus the styling instruments you utilize, can cause noteworthy hair harm. This harm can make your hair look weak, bunched up and dull or even drop out. The great news is that you can avoid harm by emulating tips from dermatologists.

To anticipate hair harm and male pattern baldness, Dr Mirmirani proposes individuals accompany these straightforward tips:

An alternate elective is letting your hair air-dry.

Generally individuals may as well handle wet hair as meager as could be allowed as wet hair breaks all the more effortlessly when brushed or brushed. Then again, individuals with tightly bended or textured hair may as well brush their hair when wet to diminishing the possibilities of hair breakage.

Continue brushing to least. Brushing your hair 100 strokes every day can cause part closes.

Decrease the utilization of ‘dependable hold’ styling items. Utilizing a brush to style your hair after you apply the item can make the hair break and can expedite balding over the long run.

Permit your hair to mostly air dry before you style or brush. Diminishing the amount of times each week that you blow dry likewise helps limit harm.

Even irons ought to be utilized on dry hair on a low or medium hotness setting, no more frequently than each other day. Provided that you utilize a hair curler, just abandon it set up for a brief moment or two. Regardless of your hair sort, extreme hotness can harm your hair.

Don’t constantly wear meshes, cornrows, braids and hair enlargements.

These styles pull on the hair and can make pressure that leads breakage. In the event that the pressure proceeds, changeless balding can develop.

Style Yourself With Cropped Top And Mini Skirt

 photo tumblr_mr658t33Rd1r4mkqwo1_500_zpsbc5dc128.jpg

Might most of you girls out there are still searching and finding ways to know on what are the pieces in trend today. No worries! that’s why I made this post up for you to know further styling for girls this summer season. And one of it was this styling that’s composes of cropped top and mini skirt like what you’re seeing on the top photo. This actually started in the some Asian countries particularly in Korea and Japan. Because mostly girls there are quite fascinated with some vintage inspired outfits where did they got this kind of styling here. I actually seeing some Korean celebrities today like CL, Sandara and other from the SNSD group keep on wearing rather styling themselves of this kind. I must say, this styling is kinda elegant and sexy that fits really on today’s season, summer..

I found girls strong and has overflowing confident , which is good, as they wears this kind of styling here because look, this is quirky and not everyone got fond on wearing it.

Colorful Finds For Girls This Summer Season

 photo 1173829_514546401958884_1584450469_n_zps7392b620.jpg

Summer is really fun. I know most of you folks are quite look forward on this season than to the other seasons you got there in your country. Because in summer you can be able to wear all the colorful or with these neon ones in any finds you’ll got in your closet. You can either or allow to wear these shorts short and sexy tops like cropped and bandeau as you heading out in any summer getaways. I actually prefer and recommend these pieces on top photos because they are the most hot pick today when it comes to girl’s fashion this summer season. I must say, they are looking so cool and I simply liked that watermelon inspired shorts because I’d often sees it wearing of some celebrities these days.

You can buy these pieces at your fave online shops like and Because in online you can have most of the items in discounted prices than having it at the nearby stores. You know,online shops used to release some discounted codes and coupon codes to use for their sites. Alright, that’s it for now and dont forget to rock yourself on these finds these summer.. 🙂




IU as Barbie?

 photo 98A67320-A412-4C0F-B0AD-17A1F0D68927-35459-000014EED61466BC_zpsdf46a1d9.jpg

Koreans been knows to their beautiful appearances and skins. And they either has all the effective and leading beauty products in the industry today. Indeed! when it comes with cosmetics and plastic surgery Korean is the one ahead above all the Asian countries today. That’s why no wonder if you see some Korean celebrities like IU is looking like an barbie through all the great cosmetics and makeups they do hwears for them to be look so good. There’s no possible to mic mic the looks of a barbie.

I actually, dont have a deep and further idea about this “IU as Barbie look” I just randomly got this photo online and I I just wanted it to be posted up here that’s why it is in here now. hehehe Bear with me for the lack of information about this IU makeupas here but of course. I’ll update you all soon once I got the details about this. Thanks!

Its good to write a post random post sometimes like this one! LOL


2NE1’s “I Am the Best” featured on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’

Whenever I see some pieces or videos that has related with Kpop and sorts of thing. I see to it that I can all include them here since this blog is meant for Kpop pieces and fashion mainly. This recently, while I was searching the web and visiting some other fan based Kpop sites. I’ve found this video from the show ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ featuring the 2ne1 song entitled ” I am the best”.

I think the dancer, Mark, has an influence of Jeremy Scott due of  his style and the way of his fashion statements are really so Jeremy Scott. Btw, Jeremy is the one major sponsor of the kpop group 2ne1 for their quirky outfits that’s why they kinda related maybe to each other that’s why then mark came up to the kpop song specifically the 2ne1 song ” I am the best”.

Also, I’ve heard the 40 watt powered studio monitor speakers sounds to this performance. Which I found pretty awesome because professional dancers either singers are keep on using this kind of speakers here.