Maid Service in Centreville, VA


Cleaning the house is one chore that I really don’t like doing. But I must admit that it’s a nice workout whenever you’re cleaning your house. If you have tons of things to do and don’t have the time, you can just call Maid to Please. They also provide maid service in Centreville, VA specifically in the 20120, 20121, and 20122 zip codes. Maid to Please was started in 1991 in the Washington DC area and is now one of the leading house cleaning company in the area. Maid to Please only has its clients in mind. They provide high quality service through their team of highly qualified and trained professional cleaners. They underwent extensive 4 to 5 days training. Not only do you feel secured about them, you also get your money’s worth. They’re also very affordable.

Maid to Please provides personalized service. You can choose which rooms they can concentrate their cleaning in. If you want only your kitchen to be cleaned, then they’ll clean only the kitchen. You can even choose the products they’ll use. You can get $25 off for the first time clean. If ever a problem arises, they have reliable customer service. You can checkout client testimonials in the website. There’s also a comprehensive list of the services they offer and the areas or locations they provide service to.

CL & Bom x Bondage Tights From Wolford


I loved putting on some Kpop celebrity fashion over this blog, Because I simply found them cool to blog up here and beside my main niche was these Kpop musics and fashion that’s why my blog theme is dedicated into these k-pop idols, look uh! LOL Anyway, this recently, while I was roaming over the other Kpop fan site. I found this photo of these 2 girls from the Kpop group called 2ne1 wearing an dope and sexy bondage tights from the brand Wolford. I must say, these kind of tights are the one  in trends today because gels are usual wearing one often, meaning, this really demand and trends on today’s fashion.

Bondage Tights From Wolford the same pieces wearing of these 2 celeb are has a price of £32  that you may only buy only, in Asos. Check the online shop as you wanted to have the same piece here. Alright, that’s it for now and will update you more kpop fashion by my next posts. Thanks!