Wise Shopping at Apparel Candy

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Gone were the days when you only get to shop at the mall or a department store. Nowadays, there’re so many places to do your shopping. It’s your decision whether you want to buy stuff in a brick-and-mortar store or do it online. The popularity of online shopping cannot be questioned. Many people enjoy it because it’s fast, easy, and convenient. Plus, there’re so many choices and unique items sold at low prices. It’s getting harder to find the right store since there’re actually so many to choose from. Many are already getting addicted to online shopping. That’s mainly the reason why online store entrepreneurs are continuously searching for ways to bring in customers. They want these people to save money while having fun shopping.

If you shop by bulk, it’s a better option to purchase items wholesale. This is beneficial for businesses because they’ll have more profit since the products are bought at a cheaper price. People who love to shop will be able to save as well. They can buy wholesale clothing, accessories etc. for as many as they wish at a much lower price. They can likewise do advance shopping for gifts in bulk and give them to family and friends on their birthdays, Christmas, Valentines Day etc.

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Apparel Candy is the leader in online wholesale distribution. They sell high quality, stylish, trendy, and low-priced items for men, women, and teens. Their wide array of items include T-shirts, blouses, tops, jackets, sweaters, dresses, skirts, jeans, pants, shorts, and plus sizes. They also have accessories like bangles, earrings, necklaces, rings, winter accessories, as well as different types of wholesale sunglasses, from classics, polarized, vintage, aviator, driving sunglasses to sunglass accessories. Beauty products like cosmetics, fragrances, nail polish, nail polish removers, and eye curlers are also on hand. They also sell handbags and purses. If you’re new to Apparel Candy, make sure to sign up and shop to get 15% off on your entire order.

Only the Best Rolex Watches at Bob’s Watches


If you want to own a Rolex watch at a great price, now is your chance. Bob’s Watches is the first and only pre-owned Rolex Exchange in the internet. Here you can buy, sell, and trade used Rolex watches at fair market prices. They are the only online marketplace that lists the buy and sell prices of used Rolex watches which is important so as not to be confused or be in the dark when you want to buy or sell a used Rolex. The company’s watch experts make sure that all the watches sold are in perfectly working condition.

They have a quarterly newsletter so customers will always be informed about the latest news about Rolex and their new models. The website has a wide variety of models available so you are sure to find the one that suits your way of life and budget. They do both domestic and international shipping and all orders generally ship within one business day. Payment methods include credit cards, wire transfer, and Google checkout.

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New Ways for men to Accessorize in the New Year

There are many reasons for us men to be envious of the fairer sex. Though I’m just generalizing here, they can hold down a job, raise a child and make a man feel like he’s the only one that matters all at the same time. But maybe let’s wade to the more shallow side of the pool. The right confidence in a woman can open doors, earn free drinks at the bar and while women often do whatever they can to avoid getting noticed, we men will do anything to attract attention! One envy I’ve carried with me ever since high school when my older sister would take an hour in the bathroom in the morning is one of fashion. I’m no fashion guru, but I’m either in my jeans and a t-shirt, or a suit. There’s really very little middle ground. My sister would make the whole family late trying to figure out what accessory was appropriate for a given occasion, and well, now we can too. You don’t need a man-purse, but heck, even those are coming into fashion, so maybe you do! Here are a couple of ways a man can augment is wardrobe by accessorizing in a classy and noticeable way.

1. A Wooden Ring

Believe it or not, this new fashion trend is percolating into pop culture and is about to volcanically explode, so now is the time to be the first. A wood ring can come in so many styles whether it is inlaid with fine jewels or precious metals. The thing is, it’s wooden and therefore kind of definitively classy. I have been perusing a wide variety online, and to be honest, I wouldn’t wear anything else. Personally, I don’t love the look of something flashy or shiny, but I do feel a hair more confident with a little something extra. A wooden ring could be the perfect thing for you.

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2. Rolex watch.

The Rolex is like a handbag, a hair tie, and the right heels, all rolled up into one. But for a man. A Rolex doesn’t ask to be noticed, it insists on it. Where a wooden ring could be more of a subtle accent, the Rolex is the taser of accessories. It surprises and shocks and commands attention. This is not to say they are not classy, they are. The Rolex and class have been synonymous since seemingly the dawn of time. One thing the sets Rolex brand watches above all the rest is that rolex service is second to none, just like their watches.

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3. Glasses

The days of the nerd like stereotype going with glasses have gone the way of the dodo. They’re gone. I’ve been a glasses wearing man my whole life and whereas I used to walk down the street and hear ‘four eyes!’ now I hear ‘for sure!’ Seriously fellas, and I can’t stress this enough, glasses are sexy. For those of you lucky devils who have never needed to squint at the board or a road sign, there are purely cosmetic glasses with no prescriptions. Ladies love them. Even if you don’t have that engineering job or the college degree, the right pair of glasses negates all of that. You will be taken more seriously immediately and you won’t be able to help but feel a little more confident every time you look in the mirror.

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The Wedding Bands


When time comes and I am going to choose a wedding ring, I will choose this one, a two-toned wedding ring, a white and gold combination. I am choosing this because I love gold, and white gold also. Let’s just make it easy, let’s not complicate life.

It is a very good color combination, it matches on other accessories you are wearing, either it is white or a gold color. This goes well if you are also wearing a two-toned watch. What I like the most about this two-toned wedding ring is its uniqueness, because the most common wedding ring I’ve seen on every weddings that I’ve been and seen everywhere are mostly gold colored or white gold colored one, this looks very plain for me (well, that’s just my opinion). Because I always prefer an extra ordinary things to be different in many aspects. But it does not mean it has to be an expensive one, the most important is the meaning of it and the person who will going to wear the other one.

One of the most important part of the wedding rings are the names engraved on it, the name of the person you are going to marry, and your name as well for for your partner. For me, it symbolizes that “You are mine” and “I am yours”. This will not be serves only as a fashion accessories but it symbolizes the married life you are in, this ring binds two hearts that are in-love with each other and a promise that you will be together for the rest of each others lives.

The Perfect White Gold Wedding Band


It’s probably every woman’s dream to get engaged and eventually get married. It certainly is something unforgettable and meant to be cherished for the rest of your life. That is why it’s very essential to get the perfect wedding band. This symbolizes a couple’s life long commitment to one another and represents the love that they feel for each other. Since this is a very important aspect of the wedding, the bride and groom should choose their wedding bands carefully. They should think over many times what they want and make sure that it goes well with their personalities and taste.

I’m sure that brides don’t ever want to regret buying their wedding rings. Among the most popularly used designer wedding rings is a white gold wedding band. White gold is a type of precious metal that has a shiny white look. Most couples want this metal compared to yellow gold. There are actually a couple of reasons why they prefer white gold wedding bands. They’re cheaper than yellow gold but looks more stylish, elegant, and modern. They also have a good appraisal and market value and look clean and sharp. Furthermore, they are cheaper than platinum bands so it’s ideal for budget conscious couples.

You can do a lot of things with white gold wedding bands. They are very versatile. All the decisions pertaining to the design and style will depend on the couple. The possibilities are quite endless though. If you don’t have much money you can opt for a plain wedding band. There’s also the option of having your names engraved inside. For couples who have a bigger budget, they can have two toned white bands with diamonds and other gemstones in it (maybe their birthstones). For a tri-color effect, they can mix the white gold with bronze and gold.

A lot of preparation is needed when choosing the right wedding ring. Oftentimes, it is stressful. Couples should shop together so that they will pick the style and design they want and at the same time have their rings fitted. They should also keep their budget in mind and find something that will just be right for them. Finally, find an accredited and reputable jeweler online or ask family and friends for referrals.

Shourouk Jewelry



I was really a fan on dazzling and glittering stuff like jewelry and diamonds. Because these things can really makes me smile most especially if I have them in my bear hands. That’s why when I first saw these awesome jewelry here from the brand Shourouk they really hooked me up and I’m so amazed how these jewelry created. Look, they are all awesome,right? that’s why I wanted to have at least the eagle necklace one. so – lovely!

Regarding the prices on each finds? oh well, sorry – because I’d still dont know the further details about it and also if these pieces are already out in the market. I will then update you here once I got the full details. Thanks!

Fashionable Finds at Clozette


When I found out about Clozette.co, I immediately signed up right away. I’m very much into fashion and anything nice and I know this is where I can explore my fashionable and creative side. It’s totally free to sign up and very easy to register in. There’s a dozen things you can do in this site that’s totally enjoyable. Clozette is the social networking site for every fashion conscious person. Here you can meet other people who have the same interests as yours.


Download it here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fashion-finds-by-clozette.co/id543836871?mt=8

One of the features I love about this site is the Clozette Fashion Finds App. It’s accessible in iTunes. Just open iTunes and then download the application for free. Also, I encourage you to sign up on the site too,Clozette.co, because you could find all the trends pieces there that can help to avoid yourself for being a fashion victim as you updated on what’s hot and not on the fashion industry today. If you done the apps installed, you may then share easily on what’s on your closet list going on the Clozette community site which the most convenient for all of us. Because we dont have to open our home computer just to update because through your own smartphone you can definitely share what you have and even to see other member’s finds. Great,right?


Jeffrey Campbell Shoes Women’s The ‘Foxy Spike’ in Black Silver

Look, what Ive found on the Clozette shoppe channel, they do have some lovely heels there that I know most of you will look forward to have. Actually, I’m getting crazed on their shoppe section already and this Jeffrey Campbell heels indeed hooked me up..hehe you may buy this of just only USD 174.95 over this link: http://www.clozette.co/shoppe/browse/gan-ss-296481/gan .. Such a lovely studded heels. I loved it!

This is only the tip of the iceberg. There’s so many more you can do at Clozette. If you are a business minded person, you can create a store for free and definitely you’ll get to earn a lot since Clozette has a lot of members. Your free online store will showcase your products. If you have a lot of really nice clothes and accessories, you can show those off here in Clozette. But most of all you can shop. The site’s Bazaar page section is simply awesome. All the things you’re looking for you’ll surely find there. The marketplace is full of to-die-for items. They have sexy dresses, trendy tops and bottoms, cute bags and shoes, and chic accessories. I’ve already shopped for a couple of beautiful tops in Clozette and planning to buy more.

Join the Clozette community today and start making your own store and even to learn on other members fashion styles.


A Lifetime of Beauty with Chamilia Jewelry


Way back in 2002, Chamilia Jewelry first opened its doors to lovers of fashion. Some people probably have yet to hear of this brand but once they do, they’d probably get hooked shopping for the many wonderful accessories that Chamilia Jewelry offers. With its collection of elegant, stylish, and unique accessories, Chamilia Jewelry is fast becoming to be a brand of choice for every fashionista. The brand’s designer is Killian Rieder who is also the co-founder and Executive Vice President. The company is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and has offices in United Kingdom and Australia. Killian designs new collections each season and always uses materials of the best quality such as 14 carat gold, sterling silver, Swarovski crystals, colored gemstones, and handmade Italian Murano glass.


Beautiful pieces of bracelets, beads, earrings, necklaces, and locks are a sight to behold. Every jewelry is expertly designed and painstakingly made. Every type of woman can get a Chamilia Jewelry that fits her personality. It can also be given as a gift for any occasion such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, weddings etc. Its wonderful collections include Cabaret, Classic Chamilia, Disney, Garden Party, Give Back, Miss Chamilia, Siena, SoHo, and Swarovski. What’s also special about Chamilia is that they have a Design Your Own tool which lets every client personalize their jewelry with just three simple steps. The client can then buy and share their design on the website once they’re done. The Chamilia shopping experience is made more fun with its numerous benefits like free shipping on all orders over USD 95, free gift bag and greeting card, scheduled delivery, and product warranty. Clients can return defective items which have been bought within a 24-month period.

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Flaunt Around With Cartier Replica Santos Watches


Are there any product issues available at your side? It should because lately, there have been a number of new manufacturers arriving up and it is very difficult to select that which one would get you the best wrist watches to enhance your character. Therefore, we have selected to suggest you to buy products from the newest selection of Cartier Replica Santos as these have just arrive at the shop shelves and you can create the most out of these styles that have relaxation and colors. However, you must know that while purchasing these products on the internet, you must keep yourself away from the fraudsters or they would put you in problems. We regard that you come to our weblog and study all about what exactly is existing in the marketplaces and simultaneously, you should be educated with the advantages and as well as with the drawbacks of any product particularly.

Furthermore, you can buy each product for a simple quantity of $100. You are not going to find such affordable price range anywhere else. These products would enhance your character and add joy to it and as far as the factor of relaxation is worried, you must buy these products to experience all about the set bands. We guarantee that you are going to like the styles and as well as the colors. Hence, you are necessary to go to the shops and buy these products from the selection of Cartier Replica Santos.

Try to buy these products from the industry as it has a wide range of new styles and you would be able to define out Cartier Replica Santos designs for yourself. Furthermore, if you still have concerns then you can ask, as we would like to intricate anything to you about these timepieces. Wear only replica designer watches and flaunt around endlessly with styles.

Custom Jewelry




How many of you guys have dreamed of creating your own jewelry but are hesitant because most custom jewelers today are looking to bang you over the head with unbelievable, out of control prices?

I’m here to tell you that TraxNYC is one of the very few custom jewelers out that are known not only for their top of the line quality but their incomparable prices. TraxNYC is labeled, by their customers, as one of the best custom jewelers around. Their custom jewelry team is constantly working around the clock to bring you some of the most fascinating work you will probably ever see.

This elaborate (to say the least) angel ring is a work-in-progress. Once completed, this ring is going to be unlike any ring you have ever seen – 18k yellow gold with a 4.00 carat amethyst in the center that is surrounded by sapphires and emeralds. The work that is being done on this ring is incredibly intricate as you can see from the detailing.

This is just one of the many custom jewelry orders that are currently being worked on. To check out some of TraxNYC’s other pieces as well as past custom orders, check out TraxNYC.com.