Boyfriend: Boyfriend

Alright, time for me again to update my entertainment and music category for this MV of the all guy kpop group called Boyfriend. Actually, I dont know them rather following them, I just randomly found them over YouTube and I simply liked their music that’s why Ive been decided to post them out here.. hehehe Try to watch the video and I am pretty sure that you may hook up yourself on the song..hehe

I cant understand the song, however, the rhythm explain on what the song means.. I think, music is the international language in a way that everyone could understand..heheeh

Miss A : Bad Girl Good Girl

Today, Ive been decided to blog something kpop and musics to this blog since I’d often blogging some kpop idols here. LOL So – here’s the first video from the JYP entertainment  – Miss A : Bad Girl Good Girl. Actually, I am really into this, however, as I’d watched some Korean TV series, I starting to like them because of the lead artist(s) and sort.. LOL Alright, that’s it for now and you’ll be expecting me to share some YouTube videos on this blog by my next posts.

Check back for some Big Bang videos soon.. 🙂