Boyfriend: Boyfriend

Alright, time for me again to update my entertainment and music category for this MV of the all guy kpop group called Boyfriend. Actually, I dont know them rather following them, I just randomly found them over YouTube and I simply liked their music that’s why Ive been decided to post them out here.. hehehe Try to watch the video and I am pretty sure that you may hook up yourself on the song..hehe

I cant understand the song, however, the rhythm explain on what the song means.. I think, music is the international language in a way that everyone could understand..heheeh

Levis Footwear 2012


As you’re noticed, that i used to blogged some Levis clothing and accessories on this blog. Because I simply found the brand cool and trends on today’s fashion that’s why they’re often hear, simply as that, anyway, this recently the brand released their own footwear for both girls and men, that you can see on the top photos. Actually, the shoes was liked or had resemble to the converse shoes one. However, this was is way better? because of the materials used and it has then a jeans as the main material.

I’d liked it because they used an jeans which the Levis trademark since their were started in the industry. That’s why this shoes is pretty awesome than to the other same brand’s designs.

Kindly check online for further information about this shoes. And you may also see some other designs of shoes that are includes on their footwear collection 2012 too.. 🙂  Thanks!

Quirky heels shoes..



I know most of the girls out there are wanting to have these quirkiness shoes. Because these shoes can be make dope to them, right? so- that’s why when I see these shoes online. I am so pleased to blog them out over this blog because I know most of girls out there will find this shoes cool to have. However, bear with me. Because at this moment, I really dont know when these shoes can be buy of, or when these shoes belong in collection and brand. Just found them randomly online..LOL Sorry!

Alright, that’s it for now and soon I got to know where these shoes came from, sure then, will update you again here.. heheh Thanks a lot and please do often check this blog for more fashion updates..:)

Dr. Martens Men’s shoe collection 2012




Recently, the famous brand when it comes to boots and shoes had released their spring summer collection for this year 2012. The brand that I was talking about was this awesome Dr. Martens, because the brand is often considered by those celebrities and fashion enthusiast for their each fashion statements, and indeed, their outfits are great on these shoes form the brand Dr. Martens.

The brand, Dr. Martens, is specialized or mainly on boots, specifically on colored boots. That are trends these days due of the summer seasons.. Check their website today for more further info about their shoes prices and stuff you needed to know about these shoes for their spring summer collection. Thanks!

Bootie Boots


While I was searching over Google on what are the new pieces that are might be trend today, and what are the pieces are been already trends these days. This awesome boots can really caught my attention and this boots was gained a lot of attention not only by the people but also in some group of well know people that has great understanding about fashion.

Actually, a lot of brands are had this kind of shoes already and their have each own designs when it comes to their booties. Anyway, doesn’t matter, as long the boots suits on you well and everything will be fine then, right? so – yea, get yourself this awesome booties and make yourself hip today by rocking on this boots on..

Colored Boots


Nowadays, a lot of new pieces in fashion that we couldn’t imagine to have before. And one of these was this colored boots for both men and women. Actually, a lot of this kind are already been trends by the years passed, however, there’s this specific brand that most people are looking forward too when it comes to their colored boots, which the Dr. Martens. Because boots from the brand, Dr. Martens, are well designed and its suits no matter kind of statement you have with. That’s why these kind of boots are the one demand today in the fashion industry..

Regarding on the price? well, as Ive check their main website awhile ago, these boots are ranging to 150-250$ and either in any partner websites for the label. Just check it online for more further information about this as you eager to have one.. 🙂 Okay, that’s it for now and have a great day ahead..

Essentials Men’s Kicks Spring Summer 2012


As the summer season comes. As much as possible, I’ll set aside all of my high-cut kicks and boots. Because these are the days we’re getting some hot weather. So – what are the trends kicks for this season,summer, as you’re followed up question to me, I know.. LOL, simply as flat and loafer one. Like, what you are seeing on the top photo. Yeah! flat are trends this summer and even to girls too. Just check on your fave store and I’m pretty sure that they do have this flat kicks already. However, for guys, I preferred this Essentials kicks, because this brand has this well designed of kicks that really suits for this season, summer..

BTW, I dont know what is the product name of this blue shoes, just check it on to the main brand website..hahha okay, at least flat or loafers shoes for this summer season, okay? and everything will be alright..hahah thanks!

Korean Guy Hairband?


I have seen this recently that some of the Korean folks, even not those celebrity one are used to wear some hairband for guy? what? do this thing is now trending world wide? might be, because Ive seen some too, in the Paris over Google photos. And maybe this will be a big hip soon. Let all wait until someone announced from the fashion industry that this style of statements is now trending in the fashion industry today..

Actually, If I dont mistaken myself, this hairband for guy are been trends in the 70’s or 80’s where my father is used to wear this too. why I know? well, because I found one photo of him wearing an colorful hairband too..LOL I will share it out once I got time to scan the photo over.. HAHA

Alright, that’s it and will list out some famous brands on my next post where you could buy this awesome hairband. I wanted to have myself an hairband too. Of course, like this one on the photo.. heheh