Great bari reeds

As I always told you here guys. That I am now into musics and am still engaging myself to it. I hope I can continuously do this till the last course, hopefully I can made this with flying colors…lol Anyway, I needed to have an great bari reeds for our recital and am still looking though for a great shop in whereto buy this. Could you please tell me any legit shops, whether mortar or online, that has this bari reeds selling. Your help is much appreciated. Thank you!

Zildjian cymbal at guitar center

Might most of you had stumbled on this blog, Because you are looking maybe for an review of this zildjian cymbal at guitar center for you to consider too. Yes! am telling you now that this cymbal from the said online shop is really a must have one. Because zildjian cymbal is the most demand today when it comes to cymbal brands and other great thing is.. This brand offers their products in very reasonable prices. Check their shop today for you to see for yourself on how great they are today..

Kawai digital pianos

Looking for some quality of pianos or same related? if so, am suggesting this Kawai digital pianos to you as you engaged yourself already to it. Actually, I am just planning myself to have it for me to pursue my little dream which to learn the piano and had my cover in some well known pop songs. But unfortunately, I think music is not really meant for me..haha I dont absorb really the right way to plays it.. haha yeah! that is another story to tell by my next post. Okay, that will be all for now. Thank you!

New cheap banjo

Are you looking for some cheap new cheap banjo? if so, I suggest you to take a look at this online shop called guitar center where mostly the banjo were selling in the very reasonable prices as well with the other musical instruments such as: guitar, piano, drums and many more. Check the online shop now and see for yourself on how awesome their shop is..


Dynasty drum

Have you ever seen your child being interested with some musical instruments like guitar and dynasty drum? if so, I suggest you to send your child in the nearest music school for them to enjoy the stuff they’ve been crazed with, plus, learning at the same time. I suggest you then to check some school online for further details or check the nearest school in your town because they might offer some classes in musics alone.

behringer mixers at guitar center

Being an music enthusiast is not enough for you to learn all things inside the music industry today. Because you have to learn some technical stuff too like on how to set up the guitar into speaker and on how you can  have this behringer mixers at guitar center in reasonable price. Yeah! you can buy mixers in reasonable price by using an coupon code. Just Google on how does the coupon codes works.


Lee oskar replacement reeds minor at m123

You all know that lately I engaged myself into music. Because music really keeps on going on what should id be doing today. I’ll explain further about it by next post, so I hope you’ll keep checking this site for the update. Anyway, recently I’ve stumbled on this site called where all musical instruments were selling on at the very affordable prices you can check the site for yourself to see on how awesome their site is..

They are selling different types of guitars and accessories, classic musical instruments like cello, piano, violin and sorts of. They did have this lee oskar replacement reeds minor at m123 which I know most of you my readers are looking forward to, right? so please do check them now today and have your things on to them. 🙂


Excellent philosopher king

As the month of November started. I wanted myself too, to learn new things like new musical instrument to learn with. But I am kinda hesitant though to do so because I needed still to developed my knowledge for the guitar but am already pleased off to have this excellent philosopher king which I know is pretty fun to learn and eventually play it. What do you think guys? let me decide please by leaving your thoughts down below at the comment box. Thank you!

2NE1’s “I Am the Best” featured on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’

Whenever I see some pieces or videos that has related with Kpop and sorts of thing. I see to it that I can all include them here since this blog is meant for Kpop pieces and fashion mainly. This recently, while I was searching the web and visiting some other fan based Kpop sites. I’ve found this video from the show ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ featuring the 2ne1 song entitled ” I am the best”.

I think the dancer, Mark, has an influence of Jeremy Scott due of  his style and the way of his fashion statements are really so Jeremy Scott. Btw, Jeremy is the one major sponsor of the kpop group 2ne1 for their quirky outfits that’s why they kinda related maybe to each other that’s why then mark came up to the kpop song specifically the 2ne1 song ” I am the best”.

Also, I’ve heard the 40 watt powered studio monitor speakers sounds to this performance. Which I found pretty awesome because professional dancers either singers are keep on using this kind of speakers here.

mixtrack pro 2

Like what I’ve said on my previous post that I’ll be engaging myself into musics more and I’ll be also investing some instruments and accessories like mixtrack pro 2 as I wanted to pursue this kind of deeds now. I actually dunno where to starts , that gives me anxiety now, because this too depressing because I want to be better in it as soon as possible. I hope I can achieved what I wanted to be.