Spectrum x Spektre N.E.S.A. Limited Edition Sunglasses




When it comes to accessories today. I think the most trends and demand these days was these awesome sunglasses. Because we’re all having  this hot season called summer. Sunglasses really help us to protect our eyes in any sunny hits radiation that can cause some eye deficiencies as we dont have this sunglasses as eye protection on. That’s why a lot of companies and even brands are already conceptualizing their own designs sunglasses that might be the trends soon on the fashion industry.

This recently, the brand Spectrum and Spektre are had their collaboration to create and give us all some new designs of sunglasses that we’re be crazing about today. And these are the sunglasses you were seeing on the top photos. Actually, these sunglasses are limited only, so – grab your own now because these sunglasses might be phase out soonest.

Regarding on the prices? as far as I know, all sunglasses are has a price of € 89,00 in any retail online stores and even to any Spectrum & Spektre stores.

The Best Summer Shades For Men

Britain tends to do a good job of masking the fact that we have entered its supposed summer months, but this is the time of year where many can turn their attentions to holidays further afield and get fully kitted out with the latest fashion trends to represent our island when holidaying abroad.  Listed below is an insight into the looks that are likely to be sported by men on sun kissed beaches across the world in the next months.




The famous catwalks in Paris and Milan earlier this year showcased the latest trends for men’s summer eyewear, with the sports look being high on the agenda. Sports performance based sunglasses from the likes of Oakley lead the way in terms of matching a designer look with supreme functionality, where products such as the Oakley Scalpel (RRP £112) could help you not only look great when working out during the summer months, but the Three-Point-Fit function ensures that the sunglasses are the less intrusive option for competitive sport also, protecting you from the sun without compromising on performance.




An alternative option for sports enthusiasts is the Adidas T-Sight A154 (RRP £135), which may be a preferred choice for those with a larger head size who have difficulty in finding  sunglasses that fit properly, due to varying height adaptation options, with comfort during a workout or sporting activity being paramount. The T-Sight is a lightweight rimless visor design providing extensive peripheral vision of surroundings, while sophisticated technology such as SPX flexibility and Flex Zones ensure that the sunglasses are durable enough to withstand intense physical exertion. A bonus for prescription wearers is that optical inserts can be fitted, designed to fit securely behind the lens, while a variety of colour schemes can be chosen to suit all tastes.



No summer sunglasses collection would be complete without some instantly recognisable designer eyewear sunglasses from the biggest brand names, such as this offering from the Emporio Armani range. During downtime from sporting activities this summer, whether it’s a walk on the beach or simply wanting to look cool relaxing by the pool, these Emporio Armani Sunglasses EA9745S (RRP £110) contain rectangular acetate frames with polycarbonate lenses for complete UV protection, marrying a traditional blacked out sunglasses look with contemporary styling for a unique summer look. Other colours are available for those who require a more adventurous look, while an Armani sunglasses case is provided to help you really look the part on your holiday.

Jamie writes for Direct Sight, a leading provider of designer glasses and sunglasses online.

What Are the Latest Fashion Trends in Eyeglasses?


Eyeglasses trends for 2012 reflect a new seriousness brought on, perhaps, by the increased stresses in today’s world. Terms like “the Clark Kent look” and “retro cool” describe glasses that are really popular right now. More than ever, eyewear is considered a fashion accessory. For this reason, many men and women have separate pairs for business, casual time, and special events.

Some of the newest general trends include the introduction of titanium frames. Because this metal is extremely light-weight and non-corrosive, it is ideal for eyeglass frames, making them as durable as they are fashionable. Other choices in frames include stainless steel and aluminium. Plastic has moved up from the children’s eyeglass collection to be a favourite for adults as well. Young adults appear to enjoy the “hipper” looks that are possible with plastic. Thin classic frames and bold layers of colour combine to make a youthful fashion statement.

For women, fashion is even more important than comfort or feel. While black, grey, and tinted white are still popular, the heavier, monochromatic frame is seeing a resurgence of popularity. These “librarian glasses” practically exude professionalism and high performance. To lighten up the mood slightly, women are also choosing frames whose tops are  dark plum or black and whose bottoms are left uncoloured.

On the other hand, today’s woman does not want to lose her feminine side. Casual times call for brilliant jewel-tone frames, complete with delicate filigree, floral emblems, crystals, stripes, diamonds, and cut-outs carved or etched into the arms. No one will be surprised if you decide to wear your floral and animal-print eyeglasses when it’s time to let your hair down and have some fun. While you’re at it, you might want to consider the butterfly or cat-eye frames that have returned from the ‘40s and ‘50s.

Unlike women, men value feel and comfort above appearance. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t want to look fashionable. Many men still favour the classic look of silver, gold or dark-plastic frames for the office and for reading. For a slightly more sophisticated look, adding metal cut-outs or tortoise shell colours can make ordinary glasses stand out. While those beefy, square-frame, “Clark Kent” glasses are hot sellers, a futuristic look is also popular. These glasses have smaller frames and rounded corners. Most men really value comfort, so they also enjoy buying rimless or semi-rimless glasses, which are much lighter and tend to be very comfortable to wear.

Because they are now so affordable, many adults are choosing to own more than a single, all-purpose pair of glasses. Matching eyeglasses to outfits and activities has become a simple way to look sophisticated and trendy all the time.


Mango Fashion Sunglasses for Spring Summer Collection 2012




As the summer season comes. Most of the clothing label brands are used to made their own set of sunglasses collection that most people and fashion enthusiasts are keep on waiting. Because for sure, these sunglasses and nerdy designs glasses are indeed fashionable and can be suited on each statement you have or outfits. Today, the brand Mango had released their own fashion sunglasses that you may see on the top photos. What do you think of these sunglasses? dope,right? and indeed fashionable that can rocking your for this summer season.

For the prices, please do check the main site of Google it for the further list of prices and other details of these awesome sunglasses. Because as for now, I cant blog the info on. Because, hhmmmm, LOL i simply lazy to read all the info..hahhaa But soon, will update you again out here. Thanks for understanding though.. 😛

Nerdy Glasses for men as fashion statement


Today, Ive seen a lot of men wearing thing nerdy glasses thing on. I dunno if their glasses has this grades or nope. But I am pretty sure that most of them have this non-graded one..LOL why I know? because I even myself wears this kind of glasses..Lol Yeah! because this statement is really trends on today’s fashion especially if you are often into this quite casual and formal wears. Because nerdy glasses can really brings geek appeals to you that every girls find it hot for men..LOL

Check your fave sunglasses today, and sure then, they’ll have this nerdy glasses selling..:) regarding on the prices, usually, these kind of glasses are ranging 30-200$ it is still depend on the brand names..:) thanks!

Fedora Hat For Summer


Summer is fashion. and having some cool accessories can make this summer great and fun. Today, there’s a lot of things are trends on today’s fashion, however, there’s an fedora hat that is the one in lead on to those accessories today. What do you think? dope or nope? for me, this totally dope because fedora hats are always been trends as this summer season comes.

Actaully, fedora hats was been trends already by my parent’s times, 80’s, because they used to wear this too, my father said, but I think, fedora hats today are more hip and has more details than before. That’s why having yourself an fedora is way better than having yourself some swag hats today. because as we all know fedora hats are suits on this season, summer.

Alright, that’s it for now and check your favourite brands for your fedora hats. Because they might their own fedora hats designs..Thanks!

Topics you should expect to be blogged out on this site?


Sicnce I was the new owner of this awesome blog. I really wanted you to be enjoy on what things or topics you should read on this blog. Hmm, That’s why maybe I made this page or post up to give you a peak on what topics would you expect me to write and post about.

Well, i loved fashion and anything in between the topic. Because in fashion there were a lot of happenings that can really makes us happy. One thing was this new apparel line or clothes that can make us dope and stunning as you wears them, and also, as you blog about fashion, I think, all topics will be suits to the blog theme. Believed me, I tested it already. And in regards by making money out of your blog, again, fashion blog is a great way to start. Because a lot of online stores out there who’re be willing to advertise you and got some real money out of it.. Alright, I’m talking to much here now. I just supposedly tackle on what topics should i write,right? LOL

Anyway, Here the topics you could see soonest, as this blog is fully developed.

* Kpop fashion – kpop fashion is the easiest and fun to blog and also, its gaining a lot of traffic, I think so..

* General Fashion – Meaning, all fashion are included, like – brand collections, new apparel lines,brands, accessories, fashion news and so on..

* Wedding – wedding is also in fashion. Because wedding nowadays are had these accessories and pieces that are often seen into the fashion industry. You’ll got what I meant by my next posts, promise…LOL

*Diamond rings – Of course, not only clothes are can be seen to this blog but also some jewelry that are tremendously wanted by the fashion enthusiasts today..

*Discounts, Sales & coupon codes – Of course, as I run this fashion blog. I know soonest, some companies will offers some discounted codes that my readers can use to as they wanted to buy some stuff over online shops. And will blog about this soon too..

Actually, I really have a bunch of ideas on this blog to be put in, however, I cant write them out all here at once because I might get 5 days here by just writing all of those.. Just check me often for more information and soon, I might run too, some great giveaways.. 🙂