Style Yourself With Cropped Top And Mini Skirt

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Might most of you girls out there are still searching and finding ways to know on what are the pieces in trend today. No worries! that’s why I made this post up for you to know further styling for girls this summer season. And one of it was this styling that’s composes of cropped top and mini skirt like what you’re seeing on the top photo. This actually started in the some Asian countries particularly in Korea and Japan. Because mostly girls there are quite fascinated with some vintage inspired outfits where did they got this kind of styling here. I actually seeing some Korean celebrities today like CL, Sandara and other from the SNSD group keep on wearing rather styling themselves of this kind. I must say, this styling is kinda elegant and sexy that fits really on today’s season, summer..

I found girls strong and has overflowing confident , which is good, as they wears this kind of styling here because look, this is quirky and not everyone got fond on wearing it.

Colorful Finds For Girls This Summer Season

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Summer is really fun. I know most of you folks are quite look forward on this season than to the other seasons you got there in your country. Because in summer you can be able to wear all the colorful or with these neon ones in any finds you’ll got in your closet. You can either or allow to wear these shorts short and sexy tops like cropped and bandeau as you heading out in any summer getaways. I actually prefer and recommend these pieces on top photos because they are the most hot pick today when it comes to girl’s fashion this summer season. I must say, they are looking so cool and I simply liked that watermelon inspired shorts because I’d often sees it wearing of some celebrities these days.

You can buy these pieces at your fave online shops like and Because in online you can have most of the items in discounted prices than having it at the nearby stores. You know,online shops used to release some discounted codes and coupon codes to use for their sites. Alright, that’s it for now and dont forget to rock yourself on these finds these summer.. 🙂




Great items to review

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I was contacted by the one online company shop for collaboration. At first I was bit hesitant to it because their website are mainly on girls fashion and nothing for me to choose from for my review,however, they’ve offered me some great pieces which those items on the above photo for me to wear and have my reviews for them on this site. I think these pieces are my type or really speaks on my style that’s why I immediately says yes to it and now they’re processing the shipping and all for me to have these pieces for my way..

I am so excited actually having them wear and to have a review for this site because this was my first to received major items like these from the client because usually they’re just sending me one item or accessories like sunglasses, pen, mugs and anything usual that couldn’t excited about, at all..

High Waisted Clothes

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If you’re scared of wearing a long dress, keep in mind that it can still be sexy and form fitting when you are walking or against the wind. Some high waisted denim shorts can be paired with a cute purse which is an elegant way to keep your belongings together still look stylish. Since summer is obviously the hottest time of the year, it is best to wear clothes that are very light fabric and will not make you suffer. Check out some of the newer high waisted shorts> available in stores near you. Don’t wear anything too tight or too heavy (unless it’s weather appropriate). Check out the accessories at, they are absolutely great for summer and are very fashionable.

Lace is usually white which is the best color to wear when it’s hot outside. White colored clothes or dresses can help to reflect the sun off of you to cool you off, as opposed to wearing black in the summer which is supposed to absorb the heat and make you warmer. Always pay attention to the weather before getting dressed for the day since nothing can ruin a fabulous looking dress like you sweating in it. Wear comfy and light as a feather clothes on the hottest days, such as a loose fitting sun-dress. This type of dress will help you to maintain a draft and keep cool rather than be stuck in a tight fitting dress feeling like you’re going to suffocate. On the cooler days is when I would opt for the tighter dresses since they will keep your body warmer.

There are tons of different choices for you to wear this year, and I’m sure that no matter what type of dress you choose, you will look beautiful in any dress. Dresses are very attention catching and can really show off a woman’s figure, along with her taste in fashion. Men tend to love dresses since they flatter women so beautifully and the fabric is nice to look at. It also helps them to feel like the stereotypical man if he is dressed in a suit and she goes out with him in a dress. Most men much rather prefer cute dresses to ‘too mini’ mini-skirts. It is much more flattering and gives a sense of pride and confidence. Standing out has never been so easy when you shop online! Since most people tend to go to malls for their clothes, you are almost guaranteed a unique and beautiful outfit. Bonus points if you get your makeup to match your dress as well. Since a lot of maxi dresses do tend to be tie dye, it’d be really awesome if you could get your eyeshadow to blend in as well. Try it out! If nothing you’ll still get a lot of compliments.

Bodega 2013 Spring Deliveries Lookbook

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Actually, my main fashion style was this street wear though you usually sees me wearing some high-end pieces today and yet street wear is my prefer than anything. Because these pieces from the street wear are the one comfy and you can wear them up anywhere and everywhere that’s why I really liked this styling than anything else. So happens that I needed to be wear off these formal and casual wears for my professional and it doesn’t means that I really into it. Eheh

Recently, the brand bodega had released their spring lookbook photos, those ones on the top photos. I must say, these styling are indeed or must be look forward too, because look, these styling are really dope to be wear of and pull off.

Off topic:
I’ve been to the Starbucks yesterday and I’ve seen peeps having this starbucks tazo tea. This might be a new tea served of the coffee shop. We might all try it.. Just saying though the new product they have in store.. Thanks

Tourne de Transmission 2013 Spring/Summer Collection

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I liked this piece here because the design was really unique and at the same time it is made for both girls and guys, unisex. That’s why am so pleased then to include this Tourne de Transmission 2013 Spring/Summer Collection here. Actually, I don’t have any details in hand as for now,
But soon as the brand updates us regarding this awesome collection or piece here, by then, I can also update you here. So – you better check back often for you to be updated.

Alright, that’s it for now and I hope you’ll find this post informative and please do support this blog all the way because I might hold a great giveaway soon that I’ll surely you’d wanted to dont missed with. Thanks so much and have yourself a great weekend. 🙂

Lee Hi’s Rockin’ on pushBUTTON Dress



in 2012 AW Collection by pushBUTTON

Most of the Kpop fashion spotters had noticed this which the rookie artist named Lee Hi is wearing this cute pink dress from the brand pushBUTTON that we’ve been seen last year fashion show of the said brand in Paris if I am not mistaken. However, Lee Hi or her wardrobe team had did some alter on this dress because as you can see the bottom of the dress had became polka which not the one original dress.. I think, the wardrobe team is really working hard to dress this lovely girl here.

As for now, I haven’t know any details about this dress and even on the polka skirt they’ve been used to made this piece more look chic and fashionable for her. But I’ll try my very best to find out on where brand this polka skirt came from..:)

Kikwang’s rockin’ on Comme des Garçons Red Play Polo Shirt (White) ÂŁ121.00


Kikwang of B2ST, KPOP Group..


Comme des Garçons Red Play Polo Shirt (White) £121.00

Most of you might know the brand Play. The brand is the most wear by most of celebrities today worldwide because it has this awesome designs and at the same time their materials using on each of their pieces are indeed in quality. That’s why most celebrity are crazing about the brand today..

Awhile ago when I was searching some fashion collection over the web. This photos had pop out on my way and I’ve been stumbled on this one kpop site that has these photos blogged up. At first I was hesitance to blog it too in here because I doesn’t know any further details about the shirt that Kikwang is wearing here but through Google ( thanks to Mr. G) I’ve found out that the tee is from the brand PLAY and has this item name of Comme des Garçons Red Play Polo Shirt. And it has a price of ÂŁ121.00 that you may avail anywhere online and even to nearby Play stores.. Awesome,right? Yeah it is, if you do have that much bucks to spend just for s single piece of shirts..haha

Okay, that’s it for now and you’ll be expecting me to blog up more Kpop fashions here since I converted my blog theme into Kpop artists..haha Thanks so much and have a good time..:)

Primitive 2013 Spring Lookbook




One of the typical street fashion wears that I used to wear was this brand called Primitive. Because their graphic tees are really awesome that’s really make you dope. However, most of their tees materials are this non 100% cotton and I dunno what kind of clothe they were using to it in some of their tees. But all in all I’d liked their designs when it comes to their tees and bottoms.

Recently, the brand,Primitive, had released their new collection for this spring 2013 that you may see on the top photos. I must say, these new designer’s tees are indeed swag that I know most of the street fashion peeps out there are looking forward to have at least one pieces from this collection.

Okay,that’s it for now and will try to update you more soon.. Because I just got limited information about this Primitive 2013 Spring Lookbook. Thanks so much and have yourself a great weekend…

OLOW 2013 Spring/Summer “Memories Remain” Lookbook




I simply loved the vintage concept of this collection. Because usually the new collection today was this electro type and trendy concept one. That’s why I think, this collection of OLOW for their spring summer collection 2013 that has a name of Memories Remain is the most unique and quirky one among to the all brands spring summer collection this season.

I also liked their pieces here where it speaks my style too. And the pieces are so light too that is fits really into summer season. I also liked the khaki pants and chinos because this type of piece are the one still trends this year and to the following years when it comes to men’s fashion. Why do I know this so? because a lot of fashion icons and enthusiasts stated this already..

About the availability of these pieces? Actually, I really dunno further details yet regarding on this OLOW 2013 Spring/Summer “Memories Remain” Lookbook but soon enough the brand itself will release their updates regarding this. So we better to wait on the brand’s updates for this one. Thanks!