Cash Out! Use Gift Cards


Gift cards (Photo credit: robinsonsmay)

The debate of cash vs. card has gone on since the first credit cards came on the scene. Cash is easier because it is something on hand right now. Cards have the advantage of less likely to get lost or stolen. Cash is an easy liquid asset but cards can get rewards. Well what if you can get the best of both cash and credit cards in one? Here are a few reasons why gift cards are an amazing replacement for cash:

  • Gift cards can offer the security of a credit card and the liquidity of cash.
  • You can set aside money for a specific cause and spend it according to the gift cards regulations.
  • Gift cards can make great last-minute gifts for friends or family.
  • You can find the best deals online and get good discounts with gift cards.
  • You can use gift cards to reward yourself for meeting a certain personal goal.
  • Gift card can often be refunded for the amount left on the card if it gets lost or stolen.
  • It is easier to save and store gift cards for later use because they take up minimal space and are easy to carry.
  • You can often get rewards for using gift cards in certain stores and often that may save you money in the long run!
  • You can ge rewards points while using gift cards.
  • You can keep yourself more accountable with gift cards because often you can see a list of recent transactions or purchases you  have made. This can also alert you in a timely manner if your card is stolen.
  • You can use a gift card in situations where cash or certain credit cards are not accepted.
  • You can use gift cards online without having to worry about keeping your personal information secure.
  • You can send gift cards to friends or family without worrying about it getting stolen while in route to its destination.
  • You can make sure you don’t spend too much money on your vacation by taking a pre-loaded gift card with you. You have the power to control what you will spend. Once the money on the card is gone there is no more money.
  • Sometimes you can buy gift cards on sale, which mean you can get more money for less.

These are just some of the many advantages of using gift cards and no matter what you choose you are sure to be satisfied with your gift card purchase. Regardless of where you decide to shop, having a gift card can be a great advantage for any shopper, and the benefits can keep on coming each time you refill the gift card!


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