IU as Barbie?

 photo 98A67320-A412-4C0F-B0AD-17A1F0D68927-35459-000014EED61466BC_zpsdf46a1d9.jpg

Koreans been knows to their beautiful appearances and skins. And they either has all the effective and leading beauty products in the industry today. Indeed! when it comes with cosmetics and plastic surgery Korean is the one ahead above all the Asian countries today. That’s why no wonder if you see some Korean celebrities like IU is looking like an barbie through all the great cosmetics and makeups they do hwears for them to be look so good. There’s no possible to mic mic the looks of a barbie.

I actually, dont have a deep and further idea about this “IU as Barbie look” I just randomly got this photo online and I I just wanted it to be posted up here that’s why it is in here now. hehehe Bear with me for the lack of information about this IU makeupas here but of course. I’ll update you all soon once I got the details about this. Thanks!

Its good to write a post random post sometimes like this one! LOL


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