Korean Fashion : Acid Washed Jeans


Korean Fashion is the one that I’ll be looking forward too, when it comes or in regards on my fashion statements. Because they really have these tremendous mix and matches ability that can make them dope as they wear their each statements. LOL I dunno, why do I found these Korean folks that why on their fashion. Though of course, Parisian people are the one in lead on their fashion thing. Because all of the people there are has this knowledge rather i must say, individuality on how they rock their self out.. 🙂

Today, Ive seen a lot of Korean are wearing this acid washed jeans, for both men and women, that I found cool to have too. Because it is perfect to the season today, summer, and at the same it can make you slimmer, I think, like as you wear this black one jeans. Awesome,right? so- why not to try this out? me, yeah! I was font on this and soon, will share one photo that me wearing this pants on..LOL

Alright, that’s it for now and I hope you’ll keep on visiting me here. Thanks

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